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Sky Sharkster
10-21-2005, 03:31 AM
Hello to all WarBird Flyers! I posted a "Links" query when this Forum was still in the "Support + Suggestions" section, now we've got our own Format so thought I'd try it again. At first I wanted to break it up into WW1, WW2, Jets and EDFs, Documentation, etc., but that could get unwieldly. How about a comment after the link describing what (relating to Warbirds) they carry? I'll start it off with a couple of the more obvious ones;
www.hobby-lobby.com (http://www.hobby-lobby.com) (Everything, mostly ARFs)
www.aerodromerc.com (http://www.aerodromerc.com) (LOTS of WW1 "Short" Kits, Plans, "Pre-Built", balsa kits, decals, acess.)
www.rchobby.co.uk (http://www.rchobby.co.uk) (EDF's, IC Ducted fans, Helis)
www.gwsexpert.com (http://www.gwsexpert.com) (GWS WW11 Warbirds, EDFs, Acces.)
www.kamodels.com (http://www.kamodels.com) (EDFs, Prop Jets, WW11 ARFs and Kits)
www.rtmodels.com (http://www.rtmodels.com) (EDFs)
http://home.fuse.net/ryan/ (WW11 ARFs and Kits, Prop Jets, PSS)
http://www.eam.net (Prop Jets, EDF, WW11)
http://giantscaleplanes.com (WW1 ARFs)
www.warbirdkits.com (http://www.warbirdkits.com) (WW11 Kits)
http://www.wingmfg.com (WW11 BIG Kits, Short Kits, Acces.)
www.sbrcmodels.com (http://www.sbrcmodels.com) (EPP "Crash-survivable" ARFs and RTFs)
http://users.joplin.com/~wcflyer/freedir.htm (Free plans for flat-foam WW11 profile models)
http://www.hpcpublishing.com (Plans)
http://freeflightmodels.com (plans, few "stick + Tissue" kits)
www.houseofbalsa.com (http://www.houseofbalsa.com) (WW11 Kits)
www.bhplans.com (http://www.bhplans.com) (Plans, mostly "Stick + Tissue"
www.aalmps.com (http://www.aalmps.com) (Plans)
www.traplet.com (http://www.traplet.com) (Plans)
Don't have the "Wattage" (hobbypeople.com?) site handy, same with Tower, Horizon, Dumas, Guillows, but they aren't too hard to find. Also didn't list "Mountain Models" as I understand Doug isn't carrying the Molt 'Birds anymore. I know there's more, help us out!

flypaper 2
10-22-2005, 12:18 AM
http://www.airwar.ru/other/drawe.html This Russian website has some excellent 3 views if you like to scratchbuild. I built the Pogo from this sites drawings.:p

Sky Sharkster
12-19-2005, 03:18 PM
Another good link and a new P-47D "Thunderbolt" ARF. First the link;
http://www.newcreations-rc.com They carry more than 50 Warbird Kits and ARFs, including Dare (balsa kits, unbuilt) Scorpio, Flying Styro, Alfa + GWS (Foam ARFs), Wattage, New Creations, Ryan, Ace "Simple" Series, E-Flight, K+A Models. Also check out the "Bargain Zone" page, lots of the older Dare kits, some Wattage, and other good deals.
Now the new "Jug". Made by E-Flight, EPS foam 400ARF , painted and markings, etched panel lines, cockpit and canopy included, molded machine guns on wings, carbon fiber wing spar. They claim 2-4 hours of "easy" assembly and radio installation.
Wingspan 39" 990mm
Length 32" 813mm
Wing Area 260 sq. in. 16.8 sq. dm.
Flying weight 21-26 oz.
Motor Size 480 w/G.B. (included)
3-4 Channels
Recommended: 20 amp ESC, 21oo mAH 3S LiPoly
Price $ 79.99. During the Holidays New Creations is offering free shipping on orders over $ 100.
The model in the (small) photo has the classic "Checkerboard" tail surfaces, red nose and (apparently) fixed L.G. If you want something different, take a look! Ron

12-26-2005, 10:50 PM
Kurt's kits and plans are also available in Europe from Germany (www.aerodromerc.de). Furthermore, they are also offered as extended kits which contain the stripwood, musicwire, CA hinges and stuff.

Walter Laich
12-28-2005, 05:35 AM
On Edi's link above don't use the ending ) it doesn't go to the site. Delete it and you're there.


12-28-2005, 12:09 PM
On Edi's link above don't use the ending ) it doesn't go to the site. Delete it and you're there.

Thanks. That automatic URL detection isn't half as smart as it should be. Please use


Sky Sharkster
01-21-2006, 02:10 PM
Hello All Warbird Flyers! Don't know how this one slipped past;
Flat-Foam Warbirds for "Combat" (aren't they all?) about $ 25.00, motors, accessories.
This is the home page of Aviation books, under "Books and Magizines" next "Books" next "Aviation", "Military" "Military Piston Era, 1936-45" (one example)you will find a page listing 24 books. There are 32 pages!! Load the printer, Pappa, we've hit the jackpot!
Custom UK-Based vinyl graphics and marking, including some nifty nose art and instrument panels. Contact directly for info and prices.
Have fun!

Sky Sharkster
02-23-2006, 04:00 AM
Here's a very good site that somehow slipped past the first time:
http://www.turnkeyrc.com Carries a wide selection of "Short" kits (laser-cut ribs, fuselage bulkheads and sides, tail components, plans and instructions, but not strip stock), from Check six and Turnkey plus the Gus Morfis plans.
The Check Six models include the Hurricane 44" W.S. $40.00, P 51 Mustang 41" W.S., $45.00, P 40, 41" W.S., $45.00, P 39 Aircrobra 37.5" W.S., $45.00, Spitfire Mk IX, 45" W.S., $45.00.
The Turnkey short kits available are;
P-40, Dauntless, P 36, Swordfish, Stahlwerk, Fi 156 Storch, Fi 256 Storch, P 47 Thunderbolt, Bugatti, Loening, DH-2, XP 55, Bf-163.
One example of the Turnkey specs, the SBD Dauntless has a 32" W.S., is 1:15 scale, weight 17 oz, wing loading 12.9 oz per sq. ft. The short kit is $50.00, canopy is $8.00 and cowl is $8.00.
A new release is the DeHavilland Mosquito, W.S. 55", scale 1:12, made for (2) glow .15's, short kit $55.00, canopy $6.00.
Morfis Kits: Typhoon, P 47, Mosquito, Hurricane, P 39, P 40, Corsair.
They also have canopies and cowls for a number of other planes, plan sets (alone) for several models, and 1:12th scale markings for U.S. and British models, $ 8.95 each.
There's some unusual models here, worth a look!

Sky Sharkster
02-26-2006, 02:24 PM
Another good link for ARF's, http://www.tdlmodels.com.
This company has 5 ARF Warbird kits, the P-40 Warhawk, Kawasaki K-161("Hein" or "Tony"), Yakovlev YAK-1, F-18 Hornet and a "converted" Warbird, the Mustang Reno Racer. Specs on the Warhawk;
CAD-Designed, Laser-cut balsa/lite ply fuselage, balsa-sheeted foam wings CNC-cut, decal set, clear canopy and hardware. Covered with OraTex. Speed 400 or brushless motor recommended.
Wingspan 31.5"
Length 26"
Weight 18.9 ounces
Price $69.95 plus $10.00 S&H
The YAK 1 and Tony in particular are not easily available in ARF form, it's good to see a quality kit available. TDL also sells the Micro Typhon BL motors, accessories and scale pilot figures.

03-08-2006, 09:36 PM
www.aerodromerc.com (http://www.aerodromerc.com)

Ton v Munsteren
03-25-2006, 07:42 PM

Lots of warbirds and EDF jets all eflight


04-14-2006, 11:39 PM

Lots of warbirds.

04-15-2006, 12:04 AM
The official Guillow's website is www.guillow.com (http://www.guillow.com). Another good site for Guillow's kits cheaper than Guillow's retail is http://www.acsupplyco.com/aerospace/guillows/guillowsmain.htm. Although I have found some of the kits cheaper at my LHS.


Glacier Girl
04-20-2006, 03:15 PM
Can't forget VQ Models.
THE creme of the crop. Some of the most authentic WWII birds out there.
These are the big boys of ARF's.
For when you win the lottery.
P38, P61,P51B & D,P40,A26,AT6,Zero, Veltro,& Mig3.
www.vqmodelaircraft.com (http://www.vqmodelaircraft.com)