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05-14-2007, 06:58 AM
EFlite Blade CP Pro RTF Electric Micro Heli
Key Features:

CCPM and Bell-Hiller mixing for lightning fast cyclic response
Symmetrical main rotor blades for aerobatics and inverted flight
Main and tail motor heat sinks to help maintain maximum performance and prolong motor life
3-cell 800mAh Li-Po battery pack with Charge Protection Circuitry and a DC Li-Po balancing charger
6-channel FM radio system with CCPM, Idle Up flight mode switch and adjustment knob, and optional-use proportional fifth channel
Unique combination of a 6-channel FM receiver and an advanced 3-in-1 control unit with main motor and tail motor ESCs, a mixer and a gyro
Plug and play compatibility with brushless power systems and heading lock gyros.

Additional Parts Included in this package:

1 – Century Foam Blade Holder

1 - Extra - 3 Cell 800 mah Lipo Battery

3 – NIB Main Shaft and Drive Gear

1 - NIB S75 Sub Micro Servo

2 – NIB Pitch Control Links

1 – NIB Tail Boom

1 – NIB Bell Mixer Main Blade Grip Set

1 – NIB Paddle Control Frame Pushrod

2 – NIB Flybars

2 – NIB Spindles

2 – NIB Bell Mixer Arm and Pushrod

1 – NIB Paddle Control Frame

1 – NIB Main and Tail Wire Set

2 – NIB Tail Motors, 8T - .5m Pinion

Asking price $200, Includes Free Shipping anywhere in the U.S.

05-27-2007, 06:51 PM
Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.