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215 chief
10-21-2005, 07:35 PM
Still very new and need some more help.
Raptor 50V2 With a Hacker B50 16xl with a jeti 48 amp esc run by a 4 cell 8000mah and a 3 cell 8000mah lipos in series. Yesterday after only about 3-4 min of hovering (I'm still learning) the motor just shut off. checked all connections ok. then the heli beeped as if you had just powered up. While this was going on I had all other functions(tha rec and servos run off a regulator from the lipos. When the chopper restarted and I started to spool up it quit again. And another attempt resulted in the same.
Next I let it cool (motor temp only 126 deg F) and hoohed up a volt meter to watch batt. voltage at the start on a fresh charge I had 28v as t spooled up it stayed at almost 26v then shortly befor it shut down again
the voltage started to drop and got around then shut down. The voltage came right back to 26v and then shortly after reset and the same happened. The batt seem to be performing ok. I am wondering if any one has any thoughts. When it starts to get light on the skids the sound from the roter changes like its working very hard could I have accidentally changed something in the radio to cause this problem.
Any insight would bbe a great help.

10-24-2005, 01:39 AM
what did the voltage drop to as it got light on the skid?
it sounds like th ebattery cant cope. There is a possability that the esc is overheating and shutting down as well. If you have lvc setting on the esc dissable them, see how far the voltage gets, just dont go below 21v.