View Full Version : Hirobo conversion more photos

05-15-2007, 04:40 PM
This information might be of help to someone planning a similar conversion.

Pitch setup for me as a beginner, +3 to +9
DX6 3 point pitch curve 10-35-60
DX6 3 point throttle curve 10-75-100
Headspeed at liftoff 1,390rpm, (Skytach optical) 21amps (AF Whattmeter)
Gyro gain = GER Trv adj. on DX6 30, 16mm servo throw per gyro mfg.
No Rev mix, (yet)
Ail/Elev expo 60% with standard 13mm servo throw.
JR G500T gyro has been running with no problem on 6v even though it is not recommended by mfg.
Removed ~150g of weight going to direct drive and machining away excess plastic on the frame.
~3500g as electric with skid gear, 3,800g with floats

Hirobo Schweizer 300 .30 converted to electric.
Direct drive 9.625:1, Medusa 36mm 810Kv with Shulze Future 32.55K controller
Medusa 6v regulator Spektrum DX6 JR G500T gyro with Futaba 3010
Flightpower 5S1P 3700mah 20C
MS Composit 515mm CF with 3 blade head
MS Composit TR 90mm CF
Head on photo of rotor plane shows ~2 degree cone angle at 1400rpm headspeed
with reduced diameter dampers. Original setup was 1 degree cone at 1650rpm.
Higher speed and tighter dampers on the original setup made the hover "high strung".
Now the hover is much more flyable in a scale fashion with plenty of cyclic authority.