View Full Version : Rich guy, ninja, and the g.i joe.

10-22-2005, 03:58 PM
Okay theres a rich guy, a ninja and a G.I. Joe in a plane that is about to crash. They need to get as much weight off the plane as possible. The rich guy throws out all his gold, the ninja, all his swords, and the G.I. Joe throws out all his bombs. So they land safely and they're all walking home. On the way the rich guy sees a boy who looks very happy. He askes: "why are you so happy?" the boy says: "gold fell from the sky!". The ninja sees a boy that is very sad. he asked the boy: "why are you so sad?" the boy says, "swords fell from the sky, hit daddy in the head, and he died!" SO the G.I. Joe sees a boy laughing histerically on the floor. He askes: "whats so funny?" and the boy says: "daddy farted and the house blew up!"

i have more:
why did the elephant cross the road? because the chicken retired

why didn't the skeleton cross the road? because he didn't have the guts

This one's great:
They're Dog crap, manners, and shutup in a truck. Dog crap flies out the window. manners goes to help him. shutup calls for help. The man on the other line says " whats your name?" shutup says: "shutup" "whats your name?" "shutup" "whats your name" "shutup" and the guy on the other line goes: "where are you manners?" and shutup says: "over there pickin' up dog crap."