View Full Version : WARNING: TREX 450SA doesn't float

05-18-2007, 08:13 PM
Dropped my TREX into my Dad's pond...

I was showing off, bragging about how well the REX was flying when it just plain dropped from the sky. Post crash analysis showed my deans antenna wire broke off at the root of the antenna so I think that was the cause (I shouldn't of flown as I knew that it was only holding on by a thread due to some previous damage).
The whole fuselage was under water, but the tail boom and fin were able to just barely hold onto the edge of the 4 foot deep pond to prevent me from needing to go swimming to recover it. I got it out of the water and disconnected the battery within about 30 seconds.
I let it dry for a while and tried to fire it up but I was getting no signal from the reciever. I noticed that my external BEC wasn't powering up, so I gave it some more time to itself to dry out.
Tried it the next day and everything fired up without a problem! All I can say is I'm impressed. I thought I'd be replacing at least the ESC and receiver. I think the BEC may of saved some of the electronics by shutting down as soon as the water hit it. I don't know if that is some kind of built in protection in the device or what, but I sure worked for me.
One great thing about crashing in the water is that there was no damage to the airframe or rotor system. Barely even knicked the blades.


05-18-2007, 08:34 PM
Flush out the entire system with fresh water, prefferably distilled water. Many large pharmacies, like CVS and Eckard, sell gallons of distilled water. No minerals!

Get it real dry using a hair dryer on LOW heat. Blow all the water out. Then let it sit in a warm dry place for 24 hours. If you can open the receiver open it when you flush and dry it.

If the battery is wrapped, unwrap it. Likewise with all the connectors. Get 'em flushed and then totally dry.

NEVER TURN ON A FRESHLY DUNKED SYSTEM!!! There are salts and minerals in the water that can damage everything. You must get it clean and dry first. This would be especially true of salt water ( guess how I know ) so there you must be doubly careful!!!

Powerering up while wet can destroy components due to micro shorts and the like.

If you are going to fly near water, I highly recommend you get some waterproofing electronics spray. Use it on all connections and the receiver. Then put the receiver in a plastic bag and seal it. Even if you don't dunk it, the dampness can get into the guts and cause problems.