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06-04-2007, 02:22 AM
What I have is a 450SE w/extras
what you get and I will spilt this up if there is anything someone see's they need but the heli has to stay complete so no on the giro/tail servo,no on the servos and no on the motor/esc.

450SE CF black(align 3550kv/35amp ESC)
DX6 w/6000(back up deal never when threw)
2-CF fins(one set NIB)
1-CF boom(new never installed)
401/9650(goes with heli)
3-65hb's(goes with heli)
Gorilla pads(goes with heli)
Gorilla gear(goes with heli)
micro heli posh rod(NIB)
micro heli tail servo mount(NIB)
tail supports(NIB)V2
metal main gear hub(the same main gear on the new V2)
2 spare main gears(for the metal hub)
1-main gear set(old style)
3-CF mian blades(2-325---1-335)
1-extra set of tail blades(NIB
1-extra set of CF tail blades(Used still good came of another of my brids)
1-Deans charging lead(for the Triton Jr.)
1-DX6 charging lead(for the Triton Jr.)
2-15c 2100ma Common sence paks
1-20c 2150ma DN power pak
1-15c 2150ma DN Power pak
1-12c 2200ma Park flyer pak
1-3pak of feathering shafts
2- main shafts
1-Align lage travel case(the one that you put the heli and the TX into)
and a box full of extra I have laying around for a 450SE

I had four of these little babys and they where fun but.
I bought a Trex 600 and this is just sitting now.It's only been flown about 10 times and had never been crashed.(this was my show bird)

I have alread sold my other ones that's how I built the 600 and I need more packs. I have well over $1500 into this setup looking for $850 but I am open to offers if you don't need the parts and/or batts.
drop me a P.M.

Thanks for looking I will post pics.

If needed.

06-05-2007, 05:23 PM
all PM's anwsered

06-06-2007, 01:47 AM
DEAL pending on the lot
thanx everyone for looking
if it falls threw I will relist it