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10-29-2005, 04:10 PM
Do anybody has some experience with the GreatPlanes Electric Cub II? Before investing money and work on this kit, I would carefully listen to others`experience. Answers and comments would be highly appreciated.

11-15-2005, 02:56 AM
Reviewed it for QEFI in Englad when it first came out.

Not a bad little model, though the fuselage is somewhat over-built and the wing's a little light and floppy (I usually design my own models, this tends to make you a little opinionated on kits designed by anyone else ;) )

Battery bay is an ingenious and neat solution to pack access and swaps in a high winger - BUT it's built around a seven cell pack of Sub-C's. If you wanted to fly it on 8 x Sub C - which would improve it a lot - you'd want to check that the pack will go in / come out. I recall it looking awful tight, while a seven pack fitted well enough. LiPos - who knows? Probably plenty of room, but you'd really want to check on fitting and access before starting building.

The kit's suggested motor - use it as a paperweight. At least a decent brushed motor, though most would go for a BL or outrunner nowadays. The kit features an ingenious ply motor mount that could adapt around a small geared BL, but an outrunner would need a re-work under the cowl.

Flying? Pleasant enough, no vices, goes around like a Cub, though a little fast as you'd expect of a small model. Can loop, roll, sort-of stall turn if you really persist. They say you can fly it without the wing struts, but with the floppy, easily twisted wing structure, I'd not like to try.

Hope that helps


11-15-2005, 11:00 PM
I agree with others comments about this model.
My fixes:
Laminate the trailing edges of the elevators
Laminate the wingtips
Cross brace between the ribs with 1/16 strip. (The wings warp all over the place)
Beef up the motor mount. A BIG amount, I have ripped mine out twice.
Fit an AXI 2820/10 or similar, 40A controller, 8 cell 2400 Nicad, (it fits)
12x6 thin prop. (Just tossed on whatever was handy, and checked current draw)
About 33AMPS flat chat, (unnecessary) about 10+ easy mins stooging about like a CUB. Ground loops with too much takeoff power, but it's fun.