View Full Version : For Sale: Austin Area, parts & stuff

06-24-2007, 03:23 PM
Getting out of the RC plane thing. I'm a really bad pilot. Thus I have all kinds of stuff to get rid of including several BP brushless outrunners, some brushless controllers, brushed controllers, a parkflyer pete foamy, other small planes, wing jig for foamies, servos, small brushed motors, props, brushless motor building supplies, 3ch. Hi-Tech radio, and on and on.

I WON'T SHIP! Just too much stuff to list individually and part out to make shipping things out even remotely practical, not to mention most of things things can be had from online vendors for not much. So, please don't contact me if shipping would be required to get it to you.

I'd really like to find someone local who is a builder/tinkerer that wants the whole lot of items. I will make you a really good deal! ;-) None of the items have any measurable number of hours on them. Thanks

Contact: [email protected]