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06-24-2007, 05:30 PM
For sale is are the images I took in 2006 of the Me109G-2 trop 'black six'.

This aircraft is the most original me109 in the world and in comparison to all me109's the quality of restoration is phenomenal. Due to my involvement with the aircraft I have been able to take the most complete walkaround photos of a 109 ever and they are of the highest quality. All photos were taken with a nikon D70's and you will get the full size images.

The photos cover all aspects of the aircraft with many cockpit shots, I removed many panels to access it all.

I have compared my photos to other walkaround CD's on the market and due to the quantity, quality and thoroughness of my photos this CD stands head and shoulders above the rest. I have many sales with all extremely positive feedback.

Price is 10 for the 506 images and postage is extra, around 1 in the Uk and 2 to america. I accept paypal

$25 shipped to america

Pm or email me at [email protected]

Below are some images, original size but quality is compressed for posting on the forums, normal quality is higher

Here is some actual feedback

I have a copy of Matt's CD and I can state quite confidently it contains the
BEST photos of an ME 109 that I have ever seen,each photo is crisp and clear
and it covers every detail of the plane inside and out....and I mean every

I got my copy last week and just wanted to let everyone know what a great
job Matt did on the photos.If your going to build a Me-109 model or just
like to see detailed photos of a clasic warbird,you need this CD. .
Matt,ever think of going to Bovington?I could use some panzer shots

Matt, I received mine this week, and wanted to let you know it's fantastic!
For anyone interested in the 109, modeling aircraft, instruments, or any
other details pertaining to the 109, it's invaluable--and bargain priced!
You couldn't ask for more for a 109 experience without jumping into the
cockpit yourself!

All the best