View Full Version : Axe CP, Needs some TLC

06-26-2007, 01:00 AM
I bought this on ebay a couple months ago, the radio never powered up and the seller wasn't willing to help me with an exchange. I'm selling it as is, I did power it up with my futaba 4yf radio just to make sure the basics were working, but obviously I need another radio to test the 3 in one and gyro properly.

The tips of the blades are scuffed up, but I have a new set of replacments I purchased with it that have never been used, I didn't do much with it outside of 10 minutes to see if it would fly with my radio, of which it won't, so be prepared for something that's not perfect, which is why I'm selling it as is for less then 1/2 of what I paid for it. I'm just sick of looking at it collect dust and would be a good heli for someone with experience to use, especially if they already own one, or have an appropriate radio.

I can provide photo's, do any additional testing within my means upon request, it's too bad I got a raw deal on ebay with it, at least I'm being honest about it's condition here.

I want 100.00 for the heli, not looking to trade anything, I'm staying with RC planes at the moment.