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06-26-2007, 06:56 AM
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BUY MULTIPLE PACKS AND SAVE! Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery
Temperature Labels !
(Pack of 4)

If you want to save your expensive LiPo battery packs from serious damage, then this is the temperature label for you!
This auction is for four (4) unique temperature monitoring labels that can be used for monitoring the temperature of your Lithium Polymer (or even Lithium Ion) Battery packs. Lithium batteries are very sensitive to temperatures and without monitoring the pack's temperature, you can severely shorten the battery's life expectancy, if not ruin the battery (or worse yet, cause a FIRE!)
These thin, flexible temperature gauge labels are specifically designed to monitor temperatures that range from 86 degrees to 140 degrees (Fahrenheit). These labels also include a strong self-adhesive tape... all you need to do is peel off the release paper on the back of the label and then apply directly to your battery pack.
The seven (7) indicating digits become easily visible as temperature increases. Digits change from black (invisible), through the color spectrum, then back to black as the temperature decreases (i.e. "reversible"). These are designed to monitors temperatures from 30 to 60C / 86 to 140F. Rugged, unbreakable construction without glass or plastic parts to shatter.
Label Dimensions: 1.75" x .50" (45 x 13mm)
This auction includes:
- Four (4) Reversible, Self Adhesive Temperature Labels
(30 to 60C / 86 to 140F)

* Sold elsewhere for $4 each plus ridiculous S/H costs...
** SHIPPING: These can be shipped in US via padded envelope via USPS 1st Class postage (3-5 days for around $2) or via USPS Priority (2-3 days for around $5-$6). ** Email me for actual S/H costs to other areas!
Buy more than one package of 4... and only add $1 to your order per each extra item!

Reversible. Liquid Crystal Style
Easy to Use - Green indicates actual temp
Small footprint
Self Adhesive - Fast Response
Range - 30C to 60C (86F to 140F)
Accuracy: +/- 1C
How They Work:
The molecules in the liquid crystal thermometer are made of cholesterol, and are called cholesteric liquid crystals. The molecules are rod-shaped. The rods form layers in the liquid crystal, the rods in adjacent layers running in a slightly different direction from those in the layer above or below. From one layer to the next the rods form a structure like the stairs of a spiral staircase. The spiral staircase rises through some distance before the molecules twist around parallel to their original direction. When this distance equals half-a-wavelength of BROWN light, the liquid crystal will reflect BROWN light. When the distance is shorter, matching half a wavelength of blue light, the crystal will reflect blue light. (The wavelength of light is measured in the liquid crystal and is shorter than the wavelength in air.)
The liquid crystals are usually encapsulated, packaged in microscopic plastic spheres.
This allows the material to be cut. they are also thermally rugged which allows them to
be laminated to protect them from hard handling in a high temperature laminating
How To Read The Label
[http://www.laureanno.com/RC/lipotemplabel-ani.gif (http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZtommaryQQhtZ-1)
BLUE bar highlighted is below the actual temperature reading.
GREEN bar highlighted is the ACTUAL temperature reading
BROWN bar highlighted is above the actual temperature reading