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Mike Parsons
07-19-2005, 09:18 PM
Hey, I gave RonKay his own thread on the neat HOB FW190 conversion he did! Check it out!

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08-04-2005, 05:49 PM
I've been building and flying for several years and have as most of us been using glow power. Until recently that is... I've been reading about the electrics and decided to try it for myself. As I like to build I wanted to try something different so I choose the HOB FW190 as my first test subject.

I had an old set of plans that I used but modified it along the way. As I've been reading the key to having these electrics or for that matter any model be a good solid flyer is the build strong, straight and LIGHT. I used the best balsa I could find... I also made some changes to the wing and choose to use a Clark 15% and extended to wing from 36" to 38". This was a test model and I was not looking for rocket like performance ... just a good flyer. I also choose the Northeast Sail brushless combination of Momba brushless in combination with a PHX25 controller, 4.3:1 gear drive, HD9 x 4.7 and a LiPo 3p1s 11.1v 1200Mah. The FW is designed with a full floating elevator and ailerons... two miniature servos and an RCD standard receiver. Total ready to fly weight is 19 oz. No landing gear so hand launch is the ticket... I balance the CG is 25% to start... Full power is using about 5 A. Note 5A x 11.1 ~ 55.5 Watts. According to rule of thumb 50 - 60 W/P will be a good solid flyer with power to spare.

First flight... Walked out to the field did my range test and control test etc... Everything looked good! Winds were calm.. I walked out a bit to a clear area, pushed the throttle to full, thought about it for a second or two and gave it a toss... WOW it took off with authority and grace... It's a flyer!!! I needed to give it a bit of down elevator an some right trim on the aeons but it was solid with good performance. After a few minutes of flying I brought it in. The approach was good with no bad tip stall or other bad characteristics. Slow to a very nice glide and a very gentle landing... I adjusted the elevator and ailerons to give neutral trim on the Tx and set off for a second flight. Winds kicked up a bit perhaps 5 - 8 knots. Full throttle again and a toss into the wind and off she went... I was now completely sold on electrics! Had another 10 - 15 minutes flight and tried some more aggressive rolls, loops etc and it was solid, very well behaved, no bad habits and power to spare.

I've decided based on this success to sell all my glow equipment and convert everything to electric. No mess, quiet, easy to start (Hahahah) and great to fly. No down side as far as I can see. Also, the host of new off the shelf inexpensive models that in the past could not be flown because of glow power limitations are no longer a concern. All the Sterling kits for example that we built as FF or rubber powered are now candidates for electric...

I've attached some pictures of the FW190 and will be happy to send additional details if there's interest, just let me know

Happy Electric Flying,

08-04-2005, 06:09 PM
I've decided based on this success to sell all my glow equipment and convert everything to electric. No mess, quiet, easy to start (Hahahah) Ron

Looks great! I know how you feel. My glow stuff is gathering dust now.

Just remember to take care - Glow engines don't start when you want them to and electric motors start when you don't want them to. :D