View Full Version : Anyone seen this? Blue Arrow Pilatus Porter ARF

07-06-2007, 04:48 AM
I was looking at Balsa Products website. And ran across a Blue Arrow Pilatus Porter ARF. It is all balsa and comes with a brushless motor.

Wing Span: 760 mm / 29.9 in.
Fuselage Length: 505 mm / 19.9 in.
Model Weight: 6 oz
Configuration: 4 ch. Motor/Aileron/Elevator/Rudder
A great looking built-up balsa ARF scale plane for small-field flying. Full four-channel (rudder/aileron/elevator/motor) control for maneuverability in small areas.

# Includes: Pre-built balsa wings, tail and fuselage, expertly covered in lightweight shrink film
# Vacuum formed cowl
# Includes 12mm 4200Kv brushless motor, 83mm and 110mm props
# Pushrods and control horns
# Illustrated instruction manual

# Requires: 4 Micro Servos - Blue Arrow 3.6 or Blue Bird 303 recommended
# 4-channel receiver - Corona RS410, Berg Microstamp 4L, Hitec Micro 05S, Blue Bird BMR-04, Blue Arrow R3P4-J II or equivalent
# Servo Y Cable
# 6 to 10 amp brushless ESC - BP 10A ESC or equivalent
# E-Tec 7.4V 450mAh Li-Poly pack or E-Tec 11.1V 450mAh Li-Poly pack. We recommend an 11.1V pack with the 83mm prop. If using the 110mm prop, the 11.1V pack will make the motor fairly hot, so keep full-throttle to a minimum, or use the 83mm prop.
Seems ok if the quality and flying are good.
So anyone have one?

08-28-2007, 08:29 PM

I actually own one of these cute little airplanes. It flies like a good 'un although mine has a brushed IPS motor and after a while it over heats and cuts the flight time. I am about to fit a brushless and expect that this won't then be a problem.

not for indoors but in anything upto about 6-7mph its no problem and flew S&L from the first launch.

Recommended for a bit of fun:)