View Full Version : true scale power ratings

07-10-2007, 04:21 AM
OK I think everyone will admit that most RC planes are vastly overpowered. How many planes can hover?
And I've seen the charts that say for a trainer you need 50W/lb, for sport flying 100W/lb, and for 3D flying 150W/lb.
But can anyone tell me how this matches up with full sized aircraft? I'm sure I could figure it all out myself, with help from the wonderful web and a physics textbook, but I'm just wondering if anyone has already done the math.
I've got a pico tigermoth that I was flying on about 30W/lb, before I put in a brushless motor to grossly overpower it. It sure is more fun to fly now, but I still wonder what a real one would be flying with, power wise.