View Full Version : SOLD - Robart 1/4 scale Cub landing gear

Bill Hawthorne
07-24-2007, 01:16 AM
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<!-- message -->NIB: 1/4 scale Robart 690 Cub landing gear. (SIG & Hanger 9). SOLD

This is the Robart Main Gear Assembly for 1/4 Scale Piper Cub Kits.
This Main Gear Assembly fits on the bottom of the fuselage.

FEATURES: Fits 1/4 scale Piper Cubs and all other Cubs with a fuselage width of
6-1/2" (165mm).
Provides a more realistic scale appearance for your 1/4 scale Cub.
Pre-primed steel may be painted to modeler's preference.
May use existing wheels a with 3/16" axle diameter.

INCLUDES: Two upper and two lower braces.
One right and left hand frame.
Two 3/16" axles.
Four clevis pins.
Four mounting brackets.
All mounting hardware.
Instructions and mounting template.