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11-06-2005, 02:58 PM
Hi all, Just want to show off a nice little slope glider that I converted to outrunner power a while back.

It's a 55" moulded EPP (yes moulded, yes EPP, it's a feature of windrider models) slope soarer from Windrider called "easy pro" The "pro" bit means it has ailerons and a much better airfoil, as the base model is rudder elevator only, and apparently had an ordinary airfoil.

It uses two aileron servos and elevator, no rudder, but in hindsight I should have fitted on with the servo in the tail as it needs about 20 grams in the tail to balance with the motor fitment. It is set up for rudder, but I didn't use it.

Powered by a mmm 400XT outrunner. It has a Kv rating of ~950 and on 3 830 tanic cells it pulls just under 9 amps with what looks like a graupner 8*4.5 copy. It's all I could find with a 3mm adaptor. 10 amp CC ESC.

AUW is 450 grams and it pulls it up at about a 60* angle with a bit of flap. I have set it up for 2 position flaps, spoilers and elevator to flap mixing (only just bought a computer radio, so I'm having some fun with it!)

I calced the wing loading at just on 9.5 oz.

It flies very nicely, inverted is quite good, loops very tight, esp with the flap mixing, and almost "plops" to a landing with flaps down. Spoilers are fun if you need to get it down fast, and after sorting out the mixing i can simply throw the spoilerons up and it comes down very flat and steep.

It's actually surprisingly fast, the airfoil is quite thin, but the fuse, tail and stab is a bit chunky.

The wings are two piece, I deviated from the plans slightly and used the original carbon wing spars, but glued a carbon tube joiner that slipped over the wing spar to one half, but didn't glue the other side so I could pull it apart. It simply slides over the other wing spar in the wing and holds it all in tight. Feed the wires through and you're away. Friction on the fuse holds the wings together, and nothing moves at all.

I also recently fitted a half sunken wheel to it in the fuse, like the fox glider, more so for looks than anything, but it makes for a pretty good touch and go plane too now. :D

It's actually my 12 year old sons (pictured), but we both have some fun flying it.

Here is the webpage. Ming is a nice guy, I own his bat slope plank too, and it is a great slope wing. http://www.windrider.com.hk/index.cfm


P.S I should get some video of it one day.

All photos but the close up of the motor are with it fitted with a geared 300 brushed motor. performance was poor, so in went the brushless! Actually the photo with my son shows a tiny prop I used when we tried it 300 DD, but that motor lasted in it for one very poor flight!

11-06-2005, 08:14 PM
Neat idea, and a nice looking result! How do you manage the airflow to the motor/esc/battery?

Dave North

11-07-2005, 01:48 AM
Hi Dave, I just simply cut a slot in the foam canopy as you can see in this shot. I just position the esc right in the line of fire of the intake (the bundle of wires hold it there) Nothing gets hot, the esc is cold to touch, the motor is slightly warm, and the batts are only a fraction above ambient which at this time of year, ~25 Celcius or about 77F.

I have cut some slots in the top of canopy to allow the airflow to exit. It's not very pretty, and I should grab another canopy one day and do a neater job, but it works fine as it is. pieces of old hard drive magnets hold the canopy on.

I don't use motor all the time, just to get to height. Normally the motor is on for no more than a minute at a time I guess. My best flight has been just over 20 minutes with no thermals. Actually I can't find a thermal to save my life, but we are still trying !! I can also set about 5* flaps and it seems to hold it up at height a bit longer.

You can also see the wheel also in this fairly dark shot I have posted.

how cool is this, the postman just dropped off a MMM 400T motor I ordered as I was writing this reply :D $A56.00 for these little 46 gram motors, this one is a ~1300 KV motor, apparently similar in performance to a 16-15-7 mega...mmm, We will see ;)
It won't go into this glider, it's for my depron F-18 from Steve shumates free plans. Gotta love the postie, and well designed free plans :)