View Full Version : When has a litho battery had it?

john cook
08-15-2007, 09:53 PM
Hi you all! A question, I had been making some changes on my Tx in the shed. Unfortunately when I had finished,whilst I had turned off the Tx I forgot to pull the Master switch on my plane. The power therefore was continuing to flow to the radio gear plus whatever residual the motor was drawing. Because of bad weather it stayed like this for three weeks. When I came to check the systems prior to flying the next day I had over-discharged my battery. My FMA charger valiantly tried to recover my battery (starting on a very low charge ,<0.4 amps, and rebalancing every few minutes) but now I can only get to 88% full. The battery is a Hyperion Litestorm 3S 11.1v 2500 mAh 20C . Can I still use the battery like that (accepting I will have less total capacity and therefore less flying time) or do I assign it to the dustbin?? This is or was an expensive battery!! Thanks John C:sad: