View Full Version : equipment swap between Slo-V and Slow Stick?

11-09-2005, 02:50 PM
Anyone know how interchangeable the motor, radio, servos, battery, etc. is from the Parkzone Slo-V to the GWS Slow Stick? I'm a little hesitant to buy more "dedicated" electronics after my Firebird Commander IIs experience.

Background - I'm trying to hold out for the new spread spectrum radio available at the end of November, but hate to let a month of possible flying time go by just waiting. I want my instant gratification NOW! Thinking of the Easy Star, but also thinking I'd like something to fly in a much smaller space than that one requires. Thus looking at Slo-V or Slow Stick at my LHS and had trouble making up my mind what if anything to buy now.

The all-up price on the Slo-V looks great. If the equipment could reasonably be moved from Slo-V to Slow Stick, then that gives me one more option, rather than perhaps just another dead-end plane/equipment purchase like the Commander II was.

It would help to know comparison between these 2 planes, but have not found much at all yet on the Slo-V. I've read about having to replace or rebuild the wing attachment mount on the Slo-V. Slo-V has carbon fibre fuselage vs aluminum on Slow Stick. Don't know which is better, lighter, and/or more repairable. It seems that replacement parts are available for both, but more so locally for the Slo-V. On the Slow Stick, looks like you just buy multiple kits at $35 each for spare parts.

Suggestions, comparisons?
Jim Marconet

11-10-2005, 12:15 AM
Today I found the quick simple answer to my question.

Since the Slo-V uses a V-tail and mixing - and the Slow Stick uses a conventional tail, no way the Slo-V radio could be moved to a Slow Stick


Don Sims
11-10-2005, 01:22 AM
Jim, why not make your own foamie out of fan fold or foam board? There are a ton of designs out there and part of the fun is making your own up.

11-11-2005, 02:41 PM

I have not switched from a SlowV to the SS but have used some SlowV parts on my SS.
For instance I used the nice carbon fuse along with the plastic mounts of the SlowV with the motor mount, wing and tail of the SS. I did have to shim the motor mount as the SlowV fuse diemensions are slightly smaller than the SS. I highly reccomend the GWS gearbox's and motors as they are cheap and plentiful. If I remember I may have used the SS plastic wing saddles also. The only troubel I ran into was useing the SlowV landing gear. I wanted to use the SlowV landing gear as the wire is a little heavier and sturdier than that of the SS, the problem was it did'nt want to slid into the pocket of the SS mount. I had to force it in pretty hard and noticed some stress marks from streching. I was afraid this might break out in time but so far (six months) no problem.
I will try to attach a pic of the SSV :D

PS: By the way I highly reccomend getting the SS and buying a standard four channel radio, or if you can go the extra get a six channel computer radio as it will serve your future needs as your skills increase. For instance if you ever get into flying wings, threeD, gliders, or helicopters the mixing capability along with trim memory and exponential will be something you are thankful you have.
Between the SS and SV they fly about the same both are good but in the long haul you will be much better off with standard Futaba, JR, Hightec (whatever you select) than the packaged radio system with the SV. That way you can use it in future projects and not be stuck with gear that is limited in capability. I highly reccomend the Futaba 7C if you can go the $. You might check prices at servocity.com.