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08-23-2007, 05:55 PM
Cumming, Georgia
Atlantahobby.com the nations largest, electric only flight products company announced today that it had been selected as the Exclusive distribution point for the Higher Plane Productions “Film Festival at SEFF 2007”. Click here to watch the movie trailer (http://www.atlantahobby.com/shopexd.asp?id=7001)

Cliff Whitney, President of Atlantahobby.com said “We are very proud to once again be working closely with Higher Plane Productions. I recently told a shop visitor that if he was tired of watching the same old RC videos where the camera man just stands there and shoots the flight routine from a distance he should take a look at the work of Higher Plane. Fred Midgett is the owner of Higher Plane productions (HPP) and these films are different.... way different. All HPP films are "High Definition" productions and come alive on the wide screen. With HPP-HD you become part of the action with the unique camera viewpoints, editing and original music not seen anywhere else. Very impressive productions, a true joy to watch. Thank goodness these are not pay per view! You just do not want them to end and watch them over and over again.”

About the HPP Film Festival
The Southeast Electric Flight Festival is the largest annual gathering of electric powered RC planes in the World. SEFF 2007 included a night time presentation of The Higher Plane Film Festival. This film with over 90 minutes of action is a collection of film shorts that celebrates RC flight with superb flying, spectacular scenery, visionary cinematography, and a quirky sense of humor that engaged all who were lucky to be present at the showing and this included flyers and non-flyers alike.

About the Production
Captured and mastered in high definition, high quality is an understatement. The original film has been expanded to include more flying and fun from the event. The feature program includes noon demo flights, dozens of planes on the flight-line, a spectacular mid-air collision, and the definitive SEFF 2007 showpiece Let’s Stay Right Here. Plus extended versions of the soulful Lake Cruise Lullaby, the hilarious Big Props and exceptional footage of Gernot Bruckman at ETOC that must be seen to be believed! Other chapters include The SEFF Stooges, War Bird Gaggle, Gliding the line and a lot more.

HPP-HD Receives Accolades from around the world
"Higher Plane Productions is doing the best and most creative film work in RC today. Everyone at SEFF loved this film festival and you will too."
Ben Fisher, 3DHobbyShop

"I am a professional broadcaster with 30 years of experience and I find your videos nothing less than amazing!"
Reidar Otto Johnson,
NRK Norwegian Broadcasting Corp., Norway

"When it comes to RC airplane videos, Fred Midgett and Higher Plane Productions are in a league of their own. Fred's discerning eye and unique approach to capturing video combined with his superb editing skills and sense of composition result in a fresh, entertaining and exciting product that captures your attention and keeps you riveted to the screen."
Chris Hinson
President, ExtremeFlight RC

About SEFF 2007
Started in 2002, SEFF has grown into the world’s largest “electric only” RC gathering, attracting pilots from all over the globe. The 2007 event drew over 380 pilots from around the world and featured many exciting events, incredible flying and pilot fellowship. Visitors and Pilots should expect to see all aspects of electric flight: sport planes, hotliners, park flyers, 3D, giant scale, slow flyers, gliders, pylon, ducted fan jets, helicopters, scale, F5B etc. The event is primarily open flying but there was flying demonstrations by some of the worlds best e-flight enthusiasts / sponsors and show teams each day.

About Atlantahobby.com
Originally launched in 1978 as Whitney's Glider Supply, Atlantahobby.com is a privately held Georgia corporation located in Cumming, GA. The Atlantahobby.com mission is to manufacture, import and distribute the highest quality E-Flight products to consumers and dealers around the globe. The company is blessed to be located in a very rural area 45 miles north west of Atlanta, Georgia and is fortunate to have two locations, one for flying and testing new products and one for it’s retail storefront and mail-order internet activities. More info is available at www.atlantahobby.com.

About Higher Plane Productions
Higher Plane Productions was founded by Fred Midgett in 2005 and is currently a privately held LLC operating out of Durham, North Carolina. Higher Plane creates video productions in a variety of genre, but has a highly developed specialty for the RC industry. According to Midgett "Higher Plane Productions is dedicated to providing the most unique and entertaining RC films in the world. We believe our passion for film and RC flight show through in every production." The team at Higher Plane Productions utilize a variety camera stabilization techniques and get as close as humanly possibly to the action when filming, often placing a camera onboard the aircraft. An early adopter of High Definition, all of their work since December of 2006 has been shot and mastered in 1080p high definition. Numerous examples of their work are available at www.higherplaneproductions.com

08-23-2007, 06:36 PM
I was there, I saw the film festival, I can't believe I haven't bought this yet....