View Full Version : Forsale TREX 450SE & Spektrum DX6 4sale $875.00

08-30-2007, 04:15 AM
39337Mint, less than 20 full flights. LIPO battery in DX6 so it lasts really long about 10 flights.

Bought in May 2007.
This setup is top of the line. I do not believe in cheapining an aircraft cause it sux to be held back by the performance of your equipment it includes:
TREX 450se Superior edition with steel case.
Futuba 401 Gyro
Align spped contrlr and brushless motor (came with the trex
Futuba digital tail servo,
3 metal gear futuba (or hitec servos) I paid $45.00 each.

you will get 2 new batteries Thunder power. 2100mah 11.1v one has 10 flights the other is brand new in the plastic bubble wrap.

3 sets of 325 main rotors,
3 sets of tail rotors
extra landing gear

I only believe in keping my equipment in tip top shape. I am a spotless kind of guy and I have no tolerance for lack of mantenance. So you can bet this copter is spotless. I'd be glad to answer any questions.

ps: Why? beacause I lost interest in the 450, I've been flying planes now.

Actually, I just got back into Helis again with a birthday gift - A Trex 600 Nitro, Amazing how we can be swayed!! Happy Flying Al!!