View Full Version : Stryker isn't THAT easy to fly... and decathlon warped wings solution.

11-13-2005, 02:19 PM
Hello all,

after tinkering with decathlon for a bit i finally had another chance to go out flying this weekend.... since the general concensus was that the decathlon was pain to fly anyway, i thought it'd take the stryker instead.

well, it flew..... but not for long ;) put on full throttle before launch and gave it a good hard throw and away it went, no problem getting it to actually fly... (for all of a couple of minutes) don't know exactly why i crashed it to be honest, though it's lack of colour definition between the top and bottom probably didn't help. Must have hit the floor from about ten metres up pretty much head on which wasn't a brilliant idea (obviously). Ripped off the nose about 5cm back from the joint - pretty much dead centre under the fixed part of the canopy. Pretty impressive crash scene actually - nose ripped off, prop broken, main body upside down, few bits of polystyrene littering the area and the fixed part of the canopy ripped off and shattered.

down but not out though, fixed the fuselage with cocktail sticks and foam to foam CA, contact adhesive and a bit of plastic sheet fixed the canopy and i had a spare prop anyway. not going to fly that again until i have a chance to master the decathlon... ahem.

On the decathlon front, after realising the wing was warped i checked all of my wings for it and found that 3 out of 4 were warped to a greater or lesser degree. Older brothers help, a tiled (heatproof) floor, pair of heat proof gloves and a paint stripping heat gun works wonders! you can change the wing profile significantly without much difficulty. Have added more washout to the trailing edges and also realised that the heat application makes the covering contract, losing any wrinkles. its brilliant! just make sure you have two people (one to hold and one to move gently) and the heat is played over a large area, not concentrated in one spot. Go for small changes, don't try and bend it all the way at once.

cheers everyone :)


Matt Kirsch
11-13-2005, 04:13 PM
Sounds to me like you've got the bug :) Those planes may not be the best of fliers for someone just getting started, but you're definitely resourceful enough to make them work. Keep at it and you'll have them mastered in no time!

11-14-2005, 01:41 PM
The Stryker is not really a beginner's plane. Although quite a few new flyers have successfully flown the plane. Delta style wings are a little finnicky on the controls and most newbie pilots tend to "overstick" the controls thus making for some hair raising flights. Also, new nimh battery packs have a sort of a "break in" in order to get to their full power and capacity. Which is why some have reported not so great power on their first flights. These packs need to be cycled 4 or 5 times to reach their full potential. Another item with the stryker is the prop. It will tend to come off because there is nothing to actually hold it on the shaft. Its best to add a drop or two of CA inside the hole and then press fit the prop on.
Rough up the motor shaft with sandpaper before you do though as the rough surface will give the CA something to bite on. Lastly, fixing foam breaks with gorilla glue is what I've found to be the best. Simply because gorilla glue will expand filling in the cracks and it makes a strong bond.


02-04-2006, 03:07 AM
Everybody told me except the guy at the shop don't start out on a delta wing. So I natually bought it. I thought it was easy to fly and best off all very durable!!!!!
I've rapped mine into trees, ground and even a flagpole and it survived with only very minor repairs!
But I could easily do loops and dives and most of the crashes related to either going left when I should have gone right (when it was heading towards me) or at a long distance I couldn't tell the top from the bottom due to the colour scheme.
My wings have warped slightly and the plane is way too touchy now so I'm building another one from scratch. I think I might try adding another rod to stop the wings from warping?
So I think the stryker is easier to fly that the small aerobatic planes and its a real blast to fly

02-06-2006, 05:57 AM
i colored the camo on the top of the styker blue and red to be patriotic and for top/bottom definition.