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08-07-2005, 07:14 PM

Hello Wattflyer's!

My name is Mark and owner/operator/chief test pilot/ for 2dogrc's RC Warehouse (2dogrc.com). Enough about me lets talk some planes!

The product I would like to promote THIS week are our Foam Warbirds. This kit is a new 28” wing span EPS foam electric combat warbird kit, which will require assembly and radio gear. It is on the cutting edge of this new competition and sport. Your kit comes with complete instructions on a CD, EPS foam airframe, motor stick mount, wing rigid spar member and complete decal sheets. This is for a semi-experienced pilot. It's not a beginner aircraft. This plane can do loops, rolls and other aerobatic maneuvers while towing a 15 foot ribbon, plus it can be flown anywhere. The finish average weight of the airframe is about 2 ounces. The aircraft come unpainted, allowing you to spray on your favorite scheme. All you need is $.98 Walmart Spray Paint!

I have been flying these aircraft for about a year and love it! It makes flying more of a buddy sport then solo. Just call a friend or two up and meet ina park! We usually bring extra epoxy..just in case. I have included some pictures and a cool video below!

Have any questions, email me at [email protected] or check out the website 2dogrc.com! Thanx for looking!

The kits start at $21.99 for just a kit! Complete brushed setups only $99! Complete Brushless for $135 (BP21 Motor!)

Video:This video was taken at a Flying Field located on a lake! The wind was about 15 knots and blowing! All the planes in the video are stock GWS 350C motors and one has a Johnson 280!! These planes or motors have not been modified, all is stock. Each planes weighs in at about 8-9 oz flight ready!



08-29-2005, 11:40 PM
Thank you for all the orders! Several of you have purchased multiple kits! Enjoy the flying and when you get them built, and before they fly, post a pic under the combat pics link!