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09-19-2007, 02:52 PM
Questions replies and additional clarifications

Dear All,

During the time of our summer vacation the recent publication of our website in Internet on 06th August 2007 caused a number of discussions in the forums all over the world.

Questions that had been raised to us via e-mail or written in the different forums, made us provide you with the following clarifications:


- We have developed a new patented METHOD for work with ALL KINDS OF rechargeable batteries which name is PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD.

In contrast to all existing methods that charge the battery as a whole, consisted of serial and/or parallel connected elements, the PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD individually charges each one element of the battery. It permits fast battery charging by dividing them into parts at charging and their reverse recovery at usage.

- We have applied the PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD for work with rechargeable batteries in a specific power system using A123 cells.

We have tested the manufactured by A123 Racing charger – Sonic Charge – and have determined that it charges a battery from 1 to 3 elements for 30-40 min. In our turn we have developed a charger that can charge a battery, consisted of up to 12 cells as it groups them in groups (subpackages) of 1-3 elements each as the whole charging process takes maximum 15 minutes;

- The developed by us chargers 4SubPack Charger and 2SubPack Charger in reality correspond to 4 pcs and 2 pcs A123 Racing chargers in one box as they have a new charging algorithm and a new balancing algorithm;

- We have developed hardware decisions facilitating A123 cells utilization. These hardware decisions - Battery 4/6/8/12CellKIt – are designed for ensuring a different form factor and voltage and are conformed to the usage in different R/C models;

- We have developed a Mechanical Kit for JR Vigor & Vibe. It is designed for pre-configuration of helicopter models JR Vibe 90 and JR Vigor 60/CS from a drive with internal combustion engine to a drive with an electrical one. The Mechanical kit is made to facilitate the assembling of Battery 8/12CellKit to model JR Vigor & Vibe as compactness of the model is being preserved;

- We have developed specialized accessories which to add and facilitate your work with the offered by us products – a canopy, bags for helicopters, neck strap for carrying R/C transmitter and other ones;

- We have created video materials which to visualize the assembling of the offered by us battery cell kits.


We HAVE NOT developed new batteries !

Right after their appearance on market the used by us A123 Racing batteries caused a big international response (completely deserved).

Parameters like :

- high current for charge and discharge;
- 1000 + charge and discharge cycles;
- shock resistance;
- 2 volts cut off;
- not flammable;
- a wide work temperature range,

could not stay unnoticed for our team and we apply them in one of the applications of the used by us PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD for rechargeable batteries.

What you may do :

- To use our chargers and PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD as:

Recharge purchased by you A123 battery packages;

Purchase a Developer’s Kit from A123 Racing company and use it on our battery cell kit;

Purchase a Developer’s Kit from A123 Racing company and make your own battery cell kit;

- To use PARALLEL CHARGING METHOD at your work with all kinds of R/C models – including but not limited to:

- R/C planes;
- R/C cars;
- R/C boats;
- R/C helicopters;
- other battery charged R/C models;

- To use our new Mechanical Kit for pre-configuration of helicopter models from a drive with internal combustion engine to a drive with an electrical one.

What we continue to do :

Our team continues to work on a new mechanical kit, a new navigational system, existing kits updates as well as on different tools which will make your handling with radio controlled models a real pleasure.

Policy of our company is not to announce any information before development of the corresponding product has been finalized, the product manufactured and it to be available on stock.

We hope that with the above presented information we have been able to reply to all your questions as for the moment as well as we to have given you the necessary clarifications regarding the commented in the below listed forums subjects.

Links to commented in this letter subjects from forums :


Links to our published press releases in the web space :


http://www.pressbox.co.uk/detailed/Sports/New_fast_charging_electrical_power_system_for_remo te_controlled_models_138155.html


http://news.eboomwebsolutions.com/PR__New_fast_charging_electrical_power_system_for_ remote_controlled_models,10609.html

New Fast Charging Electrical Power System For Remote Controlled Models