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Da V.
11-18-2005, 05:12 AM
Dear all RC model enthusiasts,

While the original Komodo KH-278 motor widely well known as a powerful and high efficiency outrunner motor for indoor, parkflyer and aerobatics airplanes, we are proudly to announce that the best of the best, KH-278 Version 2, is well prepared and ready for professional pilots and motor builders.


Features of Komodo KH-278 V.2 Motor kit:
-Pre-pressed end-bell and flux ring
-Three-screw lock system
-1.9mm curved magnets
-3.17mm hardened steel main shaft
-Assembly requires simple tools


Pre-assembled end-bell and flux ring:-
All end-bell and flux ring are pre-pressed together perfectly by precious pressing machine. It can save your time to build this motor kit and eliminate the risk of doing this step by inexperienced builders.

Three-screw lock system:-
At the top of end-bell, it uses 120degrees three-screw lock system to secure the position of main shaft. Install and changing main shaft is a piece of cake and no glue require.

Curved Magnets:-
KH-278 V.2 powered with 1.9mm-curved NdFeB magnets. It covers 80% inner circumference of flux ring. By this latest design, the motor can deliver excellent acceleration for hovering and performing aggressive 3D aerobetic maneuvers at high efficiency rate.

Hardened 3.17mm Main Shaft:-
The 3.17mm main shaft is manufactured in strong and tough material. Moreover, this main shaft is hardened. It allows the motor running at high rpm without vibration and also guarantees the main shaft not easy to be bended after crash.

Propeller Saver:-
When you comparing with the original KH-278 motor, it is easy to find that KH-278 V.2 comes with a FREE propeller saver set instead of threaded main shaft. By using it, you can install GWS SF, GWS HD and APC SF propellers without modification while it can protect your propeller by crashing.

Here are the Building Instruction (http://www.komodohobby.com/download.asp?fileName=KH-278-v2.pdf) and Performance Data (http://www.komodohobby.com/download.asp?fileName=KH-278-v2.xls)

Firewall Motor Mount is also available at our site :D



Da V.
Komodo Hobby
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