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11-20-2005, 11:07 AM
A big-time city lawyer was hunting near Quill Lakes in Saskatchewan. He knoked down a nice mallard into a nearby feild. As he was climbing over the fence to get it, the landowner drove uo. What are you doing he asked? Getting my duck the lawyer replied. This is my land, and you are trespassing. The duck belongs to me answered the farmer. Listen sport retorted the hunter, I'm a famous lawyer, and if you don't let me get my duck I'll sue your sorry a**. Hold on now said the old-timer, we don't do the lawyer thing hereabouts, we use the three kick system to settle things. How does that work asked the legal beagle? I kick you three times then you kick me three times until it's settled said the farmer. The lawyer thinks to himself; he's got to be 70 and skinny as a rake, I can take him. OK says the lawyer you go first. With that the farmer boots him in the shins, and he nearly yells in pain. Go ahead old-timer he says through clenched teeth, with that the land owner boots him in the rear, and he goes face down in a fresh cow pie. He climbs to his feet spitting cow crap, and says ok, one more and it's my turn. With that the farmer plants his work boot right in the beads. The lawyer falls to his knees and barfs up his breakfast. He staggers to his feet after a while, and says "OK you old goat, now it's my turn." With that the farmer smiles and says "ok, you can have the duck."