View Full Version : homebuilt sea plane prop and motor combos?

Dr. Who?
11-23-2005, 10:43 PM
ok, so I finished my disiign. I just need help on the motor and prop combo. the basic demetional specs are a 56" ws, 40" ls, 336sq.in. wa. The battery is going to be a 950mah NiMH. And there prop is going to have to be 3 bladed to meet prop clearances. The best combo I have come up with is a mega 16/25/6 with a 8x6 3 balded prop, and a Multiplex -480-4D with the same prop. I am hoping for a 40MPH speed or just a little bit faster :) if anyone knows of any free electric motor calculators out there on the web, please let me know, thanks!