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10-27-2007, 11:23 PM
One of the most amazing dogfights of the war occurred in a Snipe on 27 October 1918. Major W.G. Barker, a Canadian, was on patrol in a Snipe numbered E8102 with a group of Camels of 201 Sqdn. Flying over the Foret de Mormal, Barker shot down an enemy two seater. Barker was then wounded in the leg by ground fire. As he spun down trying to regain control of the aircraft, he found himself in the middle of a formation of fifteen Fokkers (presumably DVII's). He attacked them and getting to with in thirty feet of one, shot it down. However, he was wounded again and fainted. Regaining consciousness, he was attacked by the rest of the formation. He then shot another Fokker down only to be wounded again, shattering his elbow. Fainting again and once more regaining control of his spinning aircraft, he noticed smoke coming from his aircraft. Believing that a fire had started, he tried to ram a Fokker but instead shot it down at close range. As he tried to escape, eight Fokkers blocked his dive. In spite of not having the use of his legs and one arm, he evaded the fighters and brought his aircraft down to ground level and then flew it until he crashed near a balloon winch. He was rescued and was given the last Victoria Cross of the war for a gallant deed in the air.

To commemorate this event 89 years ago, AerodromeRC is introducing it's 1/9th scale 41” wingspan Snipe model on this day, October 27,2007.