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10-30-2007, 03:08 PM
Well, I went out to fly last night and was pushin it for daylight..

Had a real good flight.. the scratchbuilt blueboard p-47 flew EXCELLENT..

then.. it happened.... It started to get dark that i was losing orientation so i decided to land....

dropped her in over the trees at the end of hte soccer field, chopped the power and started the run, it was pretty far away, but i wanted to get her down and didn't wanna risk another go around...

i THOUGHT i was at stall speed and pulled back to flare out..

WRONG... she jumped three feet into the air and now i'm running out of room...

get it back under control, got it level... SMAK... right into a hill.

the soccare field i fly in is like a big cookie sheet the field and a few yards around it sunk down about three feet from the rest of the grounds.. welll .. i smaked hte nose right into that hill!!!!!


Bent the propellar shaft on the TP motor, and elongated the holes for the wire that i have through the bottom of the fuse to hold the battery down but thats about it.. but... man did i feel stupid

No more flying the jug until i get a new motor shaft!

10-30-2007, 04:33 PM
Sorry to hear that man, but sounds like a fix is on the way. I hope to join ya in the crash forum one day, but need to be active in the "Flying" part first. lol.