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10-30-2007, 04:03 PM
I have been running powered aircraft for just over a year now, having been primarily a glider pilot for a decade. All the conversions I've done, and all the upgrades have all involved Castle Creations ESCs. And when fitting new planes up I always look to the CC product line when I need an ESC.

They came highly recommended by a person I trust, who told me not to buy anything else. Considering the ESC is what gives the power, you don't want to skimp on your power in a powered aircraft.

So I've got an assortment of installed Phoenix ESCs...2 Phoenix 60s in my F15, a Phoenix 25 in my Typhoon, a Phoenix 45 in my Stryker....the list goes on.

I was recently kitting together a SportJet 70 from EJF, and decided to try out their "budget" line, so I picked up a Thunderbird 54. I picked one up at a LHS, took it home, lovingly installed it. Plugged the motor in to the ESC, the ESC to the receiver, and finally the ESC to the battery.

Nothing. Not one blip, beep, honk, nothing. I checked and re-checked the manual, making sure that there wasn't something else I should have done. Finally, deciding that perhaps the ESC might have some sort of problem, I put it aside, went back to the LHS and got myself a Phoenix 60. Plane fired right up.

So I flew the SportJet, it came through pretty good.

I was talking to one of the guys at my LHS about the dead ESC, and he suggested emailing Castle Creations to see about a replacement. So I did, and a new ESC should be on its way to me soon :)

So, in closing, considering that I have over a dozen of Castle Creations' products, and this is the first one to experience any sort of issue, and that support is the best I've had from any company for any product, I will continue to pay the extra few bucks, knowing they'll take care of me if anything should go wrong. It's worth the extra to know that there is a good support team waiting to hear from me and eager to solve any issues I may have along my journeys.

Hat tip to you, CC. Thanks!

Mike Freas
10-30-2007, 04:43 PM
I'll second. Their support is great. I'm starting to like CC controllers more then Jeti because I have the option for the budget line up to 54 amps.