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11-12-2007, 01:14 AM
Okay, you are probably curious now. Before I was sure rc planes existed that were better than what the department stores had to offer, I saw a yellow dot zipping around the sky one day. When I went to inverstigate, I ended up meeting the man who owned the only major mechanic shop in town, his son, and learned about rc. His plane, now that i think about it, was very odd. It seemed to be some sort of GB variant, (glow) but it had a normal wing and a flat-out fuselodge. His son had the twist 40. To get to the point, he ended up giving me a plane! Unfortunately, I got confused. Before he offered it to me, another guy he was flying with suggested I make a plane from one of the plans on www.spadtothebone.com . When i got the plane home, I guted it, got plans, and set about creating my own. Long story short, after months of building, I had made a really pathetic exuse for a plane that was well beyond my skills, and it fell apart when I started it for the first time. I then felt stupid. The man had given me a plane, ready to fly (minus radio) and I had gone into la la land. I put everything back in the original plane, went into my backyard ( between starting and finishing the ill fated build I had flown an aerobird challenger) and put it up into the air. It flew really well, until I tried to adjust the trim, lost orientation, and pile drove it into the ground. I talked to the guy a few days later, and learned that he had meant to teach me using the plane he had given me. Now I felt (and still feel) really really really stupid. He asked why I didn't just fly the one he gave me. I had no real answer, and from then on he ignored me whenever I came by (he flew just accross the street from me). well, that's that. and the time I decided to upgrade a small brushed plane that i bought, and destroyed it in the proccess. Sometimes you've just got to settle for things.

11-12-2007, 01:19 AM
Sounds like you have learned a valuable lesson friend...

Now the key is, did you learn anything from it... If so then you are better off.

Thanks for sharing your experience...:)