View Full Version : Do you like the new topic categories?

John Boy
11-16-2007, 12:38 AM
I did not know where to put this, so I stuck it here.

There seems to be some consolidation of topics going on. I am not sure that I like all of them. I am curious as to what otherís think.

At least one of them makes sense to me Ė gliders and high performance go together in my mind. Places that sell a wide range of gliders are also the places to find hotliners and pylon racers. While a pylon racer never really glides, the design is quite similar to the hotliner which is a racing glider.

But I am not sure I like consolidating all the airframe building related topics. First I have been looking at foamie scratch build threads looking for ideas and techniques as I am interested in building one or more indoor flyer. I donít know where to find these threads now.

Related to this is my interest in composites. After playing with the indoor flyers, if I like an exotic design I have in mind, I would like to add nice airfoils and glass them. If the exotic is a bust, I might want to make a composite aerobatic plane anyway. I have no interest in figuring out a balsa version in route to this goal. And again I am not sure where to go for related subjects.

Yeah, sure my interests are a small niche. But there were some threads with links that I canít locate now. And that was my study guide. So I am kind of bummed.

Don Sims
11-16-2007, 01:23 AM
Hey John, I dropped this in Support and Suggestions and left a redirect so folks will know where it went and you'll get double coverage for a few days.

Mike Parsons
11-16-2007, 02:14 AM
Hey John. What we did was combine a new forum "Scratch and kit Built" with Scratch, composites. The information is still there as it is a multi purpose forum. The traffic in Scratch and Composites was very slow and not generating enough clicks to support itself. However, the information is still there. We didnt move any of the information out of the Scratch and kit build forum as it kind of all relates. All we did really is change the name and bump the forum to the general electrics. However, the information you seek is still there.

I knew the decision wouldnt please everyone, but for the sake of forum organization and avoiding adding another forum in an already long list of forums, it was the medium ground we decided on.