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11-20-2007, 08:11 AM
...::: SOLD :::...

I traded for this a few days ago and where I live you really can't run it, (Gravel road). I know nothing of on road cars so here is what the guy told me.

It is a 1/9 scale HPI Super Scale nitro racer, It is a pretty good size car and I made him start it and drive it before I got it so I know everything works and it is very fast.

It is all wheel/4 wheel drive belt driven. It has 3 bodies (not in the best shape but I will send them) There not that bad, they all have a split on the driver side door.

Right now it has 4 racing slicks on it and is setup for a bump starter but comes with the following:

The HPI car itself (RTR)
Futaba Magnum Junior radio system
A pull-start (not installed)
3 bodies
Extra set chrome rims with street tires installed
A box of extra parts including belt for 4 wheel drive.

Right now just add fuel and receiver batts, and enjoy.

Looking to trade for Planes and other rc stuff and also wanting to try aerial photography or I'll take $250.00 negotiable, Offers welcome.

HEY! Thanks for lookin' :eek::p :D