View Full Version : WTS: 7.2V battery pack

11-21-2007, 02:33 PM
i have a 7.2V battery pack for the bomber B29 usually seen on ebay - well my plane got into a fight with a crow, and there's not much left of it! i thought that someone local might want to use it as an onboard project (rocket engine starter or extra servo battery)

doesn't come with any charger (well, i'll have a look for it)

Im in Australia and am happy to post it nationally

(just a battery for a low end aircraft i hear you say, well it's one of those spares floating around and if anyone has a way of using it, then that's better than letting it sit and corrode in my plane-shed

only asking $10 (so i can get new props for my Cessna 182)

PM me - note i also have radio gear (2CH) from the plane with 4 motor rails, PM me for details