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12-04-2005, 11:32 PM
Hi, Im new to the forums here, but not new to flying. Probably the only electric plane I have is my electra-powered glider :p the rest of them are gas. I wanted to build a nice electric 3D plane for my local turf farm to fly on, Particularily the Ultimat Bipe 40 inch (www.foamyfactory.com (http://www.foamyfactory.com) for plans).

I dont want to make it pricey, meaning no hacker motors, (although I like em), but still want to go brushless and LiPo. I was looking for a recommendation for the cheapest way to get into it, the ultimate 40 is around 18-24 ounces, and I plan on using 4 HS-55's for servos, and a 555 Hitec micro reciever.

Can anyone recommend a battery/motor/ESC combo and where to buy it at thats cheap? I want to be able to do 3D so hopefully something that has like 30 ounces of thrust, with mabye a ten minute flight time would be nice.

Any recommendations or criticisms are welcome, I am not new to flying, this is probably my sixth plane., thanks in advance


Mr. Baggins
12-05-2005, 12:07 AM
ARC-20-34-130 Available from www.lightflightrc.com/
$59.95 from them with a Thunderbird 18 ESC. Should give around 33.5 oz thrust on a 3 cell battery.