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12-12-2007, 03:36 AM
Good day,
Porten is a professional li-polymer battery manufacturer from china. We design and produce High Rate Li-polymer Batteries for RC Hobbies. We have nearly 60 kinds of lipos in different discharge rate and capacitor. We also offer chargers, nearly 100 kinds of connector.

Some of our lipos are listed below:
PT2100HP20C_2S---7.4V--- 2100mah--------- 17 * 34 * 96mm----120g
PT2100HP20C_4S---14.8V-- 2100mah -------- 34 * 34 * 96mm----237g
PT3200HP20C_3S---11.1V---3200mah-------- 25.5 * 44 * 125mm---297g
PT3200HP20C_4S---14.8V 3200mah--------- 34 * 44 * 125mm----395g

Porten is our new lipo brand,with good quality and technical serivices. We are developing our distributor and dealers.Anyone who interested in can PM me. OEM order is offered.

If you are interested in our dealer plan,you can PM with me for a discussion.Or you can visite here to get more info. www.portensz.net (http://www.portensz.net/)

Attached are pictures of our samples.

We have nearly 60 listed lipos ,in different dicharge,capacitor,demension and weights..If you can't find your favorable items,tell me please.I will check if we have.

My email is [email protected] ([email protected]). You can visite here for more info:www.portensz.net

Good luck,