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12-26-2007, 06:15 AM
Instead of going through the whole deal again I am just pasting my email to E-Flight customer support and you guys can be the judges.

On December 21st I visited Realm Hobbies in Moore Oklahoma while on trip to visit our family. The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was the owner unpacking 5 new Blade 400 helicopters. I was ecstatic to seem them available so I purchased one and an extra set of blades and small parts that I might need since I do not have a decent hobby shop within 100 miles of my Midland Texas home. I have been anticipating its release and I must say it is a very nice heli for the money and the radio is great.

This is where the story turns bad. The first few hours of ownership have been less than satisfactory and my concern is growing that the Blade 400 is not up to par for E-flight products that I am used to.

On my third flight the heli lost all power and I mean all power in flight. It only fell a couple of feet and only damaged the tips of the main blades and bent the cross pin (feathering shaft is what I believe its called). After I regained my composure I began to look for something I did wrong with the transmitter or the heli to cause the power failure. It took me most of the evening to determine that the solder connection on the positive pin of the ESC connecter had lost conductivity. It was not loose and looked ok but when you tried it with the continuity meter there was no connection. I re-soldered it and everything checked out ok with the meter.
Now for the true test, I re-installed the speed control and left the motor leads disconnected to check out the controls before I test flew in again. When I tried the controls everything was working great again and then the second issue cropped up. After several cycles of the controls the elevator servo made a grinding noise, broke loose and started spinning in the case. I disconnected the battery and rechecked the swash plate and all the rotor connections and there was no binding or damage that I could have missed. I my honest opinion the servo just flat out failed, I have no reason to believe it was a result of the power failure or crash since there was no power to anything at the time. (I do understand that this is a very new product and it may have some bugs and I am willing to work them out and hopefully this will be the end of them.)
So far I am out a new set of blades, feathering shaft, elevator servo and some time and I have only had it in a hover. Can I expect that the E-flight warranty will cover these failures ????????

So what do you guys think, will they warranty these bugs or can I expect not to hear from them??????????

12-26-2007, 07:26 AM
Hey Rcmadness,
I'm thinking that they will stand behind their product and make it right with you. Give them any additional info when they contact you.

Oh, Welcome to Wattflyer. :) A lot of smart folks here to lend a hand..
Glad you're here..

12-27-2007, 05:38 AM
I spoke with a customer support person today and they are making good on all the damaged parts. There only issue was the fact that they will have to find a replacement servo. They do not have any in stock but said they would do their best to get me one soon or send me one out of the first shipment they recieve.

I spoke to a hobby shop about 100 miles away and they have several sub micro servos in stock and I will pick one up on sat. Anyone have any suggestions on servos. The HS offers Picco, E-flight and Hitec. Any one better than the other??????

Heli Jim
12-27-2007, 02:21 PM
The Eflight should fit right in as it is a direct replacement.

I don't know about the Picco one way or the other so I"ll offer no opinion there.

I have heard good things about the Hitec.

12-28-2007, 12:49 PM
I'm hearing on other boards that the stock servo's on this ship are prone to striping. That loss of power and the bump might have been all it took to strip a gear.

12-29-2007, 02:03 AM

Sorry to hear of your problem. I just got off the phone with my LHS guy. He called to tell me that the 400 I ordered was in. I am picking it up tomorrow. I am expecting to hear many reports on this heli, good and hopefully not too many bad like your report.

I hope that everything works out for you, and I hope that the problem you had is not one that will be common in these helis.

Thanks for all the info.


12-29-2007, 05:45 AM
Well, heres what I have heard in a nutshell...

-The heli is not always put together and setup correctly at the factory. Like bad solder connections, things being too tight, servo trim being wayyy off, loose things, incorrect pitch, tight belt

-The gyro is ok, but the gyro servo is terrrible. And should be replaced with a nice digital right away

-The heli is very sluggish on rolls and loops, and the paddles are a little heavy. A quick fix for this would be a longer flybar, and lighter paddles.

After all these are corrected, it becomes a VERY nice machine. I am planning on getting one for myself, and setting it up on my beloved Dx7. Ill just put the Dx6i on the classifieds.

Have Fun,

12-30-2007, 07:26 AM
My parts arrived from Horizon today and no servo was included. It is back ordered. This was not a suprise since they told me they would have to find one so I drove 100 miles to a not so local HS and picked up a new E-flight servo.
I got it home, installed the servo and nothing happened not a wiggle, jerk, hickup nothing. The new servo was deader than a door nail so I pulled the gears and put them in the old servo and all is fine. I replaced all the connectors with Deans plugs and purchased a ElectriFly Power Series
Lithium Polymer 2100mAh 11.1V 20C Battery Pack to have a second pack.
The guy at the LHS said that E-flight had not made the battery packs availible yet for the B400.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I am still having trouble with the heli going left with very little weight on the training gear. I have adjusted the blade tracking to where it is perfect and I noticed the fly bar was tilted to the right at near take of speed with no input on the cyclic. Is this normal set up or should I try to flatten it out. I want to believe it is tilted to help with the tendancy to move left on take off.

No matter how much right cyclic I put in it,it will not slide right unless I lift the left side of the training gear and kinda fly it right. Is this normal? (it does the same thing without the training gear, it is like there is something holding the right skid when I try to "slide" right.)

12-30-2007, 10:57 PM
I seem to have solved all my problems.
1. Crashed due to bad battery factory connection. Repaced with Deans Connectors.
2. Damaged elevator servo replaced witha a new eflite servo that did not work.
3. Changed gears from new non working servo to old servo.
4. Discovered that old servo had more issues and did not work properly.
5. Replacement servo had wire that was not even soldered on the board and resoldered it, reinstalled and works fine.
6. leveled,balanced and trimmed everything.
7. Brought it into a hover and let go of the sticks and it just sat there, Holy s&%t I finally got it and I can fly to boot. :silly:

Most valuable lesson from my new Blade 400- Ready to Fly= check everything ,then check it again and then one more time ,then do the preflight and check it at least once more. Then expect something to go wrong at any second.::o

Next time I am just buying a kit since I have this mess under my belt.:)