View Full Version : hv 85 goveror problems

12-27-2007, 06:13 PM
Hi I have raptor 30 that I converted to ep with a z-power motor KV600 10s and a CC HV85 esc which I got from Garry at TT
If I set it all up as a fixed end point all is well and at about 75 % throttle software adjustment [not 75% lever position] I get 1800 rpm which is fine for my gentle flying about style.
I have been flying around using the end point setting ok but I want to try the governor mode and am having all sorts of problems.
Since I have established the 75% throttle setting = 1800 I changed the setting to governor low and with a flat 0% throttle curve I set the throttle lever at point 3 [Futaba 7chp] and slowly increase the percentage to get to 1800 rpm but I find I caní t get anywhere near the 1800 rpm, so I change to governor high and using the same method at 6% if I stop adjusting the percentage, the motor slowly ramps up to 2100 and stops there. If I increase the % any further the revs climb even more!!<O:p></O:p>
HELP please what am I doing wrong?? I have pasted below the setting that I am currently on
Best regards and complements of the season to you all
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