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01-07-2008, 01:05 AM
We're pleased to announce our GPS Expander Module V3 for our eLogger V3 and Seagull Telemetry systems.


The GPS V3 supports 5Hz update rate, which is five times faster than our prior GPS unit, giving very high resolution position information for aerobatic pilots and other model vehicles with rapidly changing position.

The GPS V3 is also much smaller, and has improved sensitivity for fast and reliable fixes, often even indoors! The V3 supports WAAS and EGNOS enhanced resolution protocols for the best position accuracy.

GPS Expander V3 Specifications:

* Update Rate: 5Hz
* Antenna: Built-In patch, with port for optional External Antenna
* WAAS and EGNOS support
* Built-in battery backup for fast fix reacquisition
* Time to Fix: 1 second hot, 41 second cold (typ)
* Low current draw (approx. 33 mA steady state)
* Tiny: dimensions approx 1.4” x 1.7” x 0.5” (36x43x13mm)
* Weighs approx 0.8 oz (23g)
* Position accuracy approx 11ft (3.3m) CEP
* Sensitivity: approx -158dBm

When coupled with our Seagull, Data Recorder, or eLogger V3 systems, these GPS features are available:

* Lat/Lon, GPS Speed, GPS Altitude, Course, Distance to Operator, and UTC timestamp display/graphing
* Live and recorded Google Earth™ Support
* Logging of position throughout the session
* Last known position displayed with our Seagull Dashboard for easy location of a lost plane (with a separate handheld GPS to guide you to the location)
* 2D and 3D position graphing in the Virtual Dashboard PC software, with support for overlaid images of the field or track

See your Eagle Tree Dealer or click here (http://eagletreesystems.com/press/GPS-5HZ.pdf) for more information.

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