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01-09-2008, 04:33 AM
Hi guys,

I have some Maxpro X6 for sale.Because my supplier has offered me the nice price,I want to sell for market price with free shipping.
Any questions and interest ,please Pm me.

Payment:Paypal or Credit Card

Maxpro X6 Intelligent Charger(Free Shipping to everywhere)-----USD$145
Maxpro X6 Intelligent Charger


1 . The X6 is a multi-function intelligent charger with high efficiency digital power system. It can charge or discharge Li-Po / Li-Ion / Li-Mn / Li-Fe / NiMH / NiCD / Pb

2. The X6 has a built in Balancer; it will balance individual cells when charging Lithium Batteries .

3. The X6 has a 16*2 backlit LCD that displays the charging cycle, battery voltage, charge current, pack temperature, capacity (added or removed) and charge/discharge times.

4. The X6 can also be connected to any windows based PC via a serial port and with it's very c omprehensive monitoring and analysis software (included), you can keep up-to-date information for all your batteries.

5. The X6 provides you the ability to charge and discharge your batteries with ease and safety. Automatic FAN control.

6. The X6 has programmable various charge settings for Li -xx battery ( Normal /Fast /Slow /Storage /Balance), and also has a cycle function with a maximum of 5 cycles.

7. The X6 is equipped with a very accurate temperature sensor (included) to safeguard your packs during charging/discharging. It will stop the charging or discharging if the selected temperature that you selected in the user set-up is reached.

8. The X6 can be upgraded with the PC software (included), it will download updates from our M AXPRO internet site and install these updates on your X6, it can also install updates from Hard Drive or CD in case you have no internet access. No need to return it to us when new software is needed



1. Input power capacity: 11~15V DC 10Amp at maximum charge rating

2 . Charge battery type:

2-6 cells Li - Po / Li - lo n / Li-Mn,

1-8 cells Li-Fe

1-18 cells NiCD/NiMH

1-12 cells Pb

The maximum charge/discharge voltage is 32V.

3 . Charge current is adjustable in 0.1A increments from 0.1A to 5A with the maximum rate of 100W.

4 . Discharge current is adjustable in 0.1A increments from 0.1A to 2A with the maximum rate of 12W.

5. Max. balance charge current: 400mA

6 . Maximum rate of charge capacity : 9900mAH

7 . Resolution of the voltage detection : 5 mV

8 . Resolution of the temperature detection : 0.1C

9 . Power conversion efficiency : > 94%.

10.Size:145x103x 34mm / Weight: 445g

01-09-2008, 04:36 AM
5 pieces left now.Any interest,PM me please.

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Do you have a link to reviews / documentation?


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Do you have a link to reviews / documentation?



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