View Full Version : I crashed and could not stop laughing!

ozzie supercub
02-03-2008, 11:17 AM
Probably my 6th or 7th flight with the supercub now. Confidence growing every flight. Love the drop module with the parachute to entertain the kids. Anyway, several low fly-bys and high altitude drops I get cocky and i decide to fly through the soccer goals. All going well, very low and level and I'm thinking, yeah baby this is great. From where I was standing I couldn't judge whether I was centred in the goals. CRACK!!!!!!!!!! Left wing hits the goal post at full speed and she goes down hard. Broken wing, tail broken off, broken prop and broken gear-box. I laughed until I cried and I dont know why. My girls were in shock. Some epoxy a new wing and gear box and prop and all is good. I love this plane. (sorry no pics)
Its all about accepting the good with the bad, dusting yourself off and getting back on your horse as they say.
Happy Flying everyone!!!!:Q:Q:Q

02-03-2008, 11:53 AM
Yeah you'll have those days. I did that exact same thing with my Slow Stick tryin to fly through the uprights of a football goal post! Miss judged and whack, just like you.

Only diff was with the slow stick I just had to put the wing back on!

Keep the good atttitude about it and you'l be fine!:D