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12-15-2005, 11:23 PM
Hyperion LBA 6
I received my Hyperion LBA 6 today and results look good.
Charging through the PQ 3S adapter with Triton .
iRatee 1100 from ready box ,been setting for approx. 2 weeks
4.11 / 4.12 / 4.11
charged with LBA 6 4.16 / 4.16 /4.16

PQ 850 same as iRate above
4.12 / 4.12 / 4.12
Charged with LBA 6 4.16 / 4.16 / 4.16

Un balanced iRate 1100 from above to
4.11 / 4.15 / 4.11
Charged with LBA 6 4.16 / 4.16 / 4.16

Not recommended ,performed only as test!

Force charged at 0.4A untill over voltage cutoff.
4.19 / 4.19 4.19
This open voltage would vary depending on the LiPoly's capacity,charge rate and the condition of the LiPoly cells.

Looks like a winner.


12-16-2005, 05:21 PM
While doing some addational testing I could not get the LBA 6 to stay active. The unit kept cuting itself off right after doing it's balance check. Upon more investigation I found this tidbit on the Hyperion Site.

NOTE: The user's manual doesn't clearly explain behavior of the LBA when it is connected to a pack which is already closely balanced. In this case, the CELL STATUS LEDs will signal a series of Five Single Flashes . . . . . Then the LBA will Disconnect and shut down. If you want to balance charge the pack at this point, push the MODE button TWICE to enter Connection Mode, then push the start button on your charger (chargers without Start Button will begin charging after you push MODE button twice).

Before I found this info I thought I had a bad connection .They should add this to the User's Guide(data sheet) on -line and with units,IMO.

I conducted a discharge test followed by another charge.

Same iRate 1100 mAh 3S ,LBA 6 on Triton output.Triton set to NiCad Discharge 10 V / 2A . Voltage bounched up to 10.44. Balancing activity indicated on cell 1 & 3. After 3 min. no activity on cell 3 and 3 min. later cell 1 finished. 3.86 / 3.86 / 3.86 .Disconnected battery

Ten min. later 3.87 / 3.87 / 3.88

Reconnected battery and restarted LBA 6 activity on cell 2.
After 5 min. cell stable at 3.87 / 3.87 / 3.87

All LiPoly cells are different. The length of time required for a cell to become stable will always depend on many variables.

Charged at 11.1V / 1.0 A setting ,cell 2 constant on during charge until rate droped to .5A at 12.58V o display. Cell 1 & 3 random balancing during this time. Random balancing on all cells during remainder of charge but cell 2 most active . Cells 4.16 / 4.16 / 4.16 after charging / balance completed.


01-12-2006, 03:11 PM
I have used this Balancer / over voltage safety cut off device on many different LiPoly now and I am very impressed with it. I feel that it is really the best $40 investment that can be made by many LiPoly users. It is limited to a maximum of 5S packs but this sure covers a lot of users. It is more accurate than many other balancers I have tried, the Thunder Power 205 / 205V and 210V are the only others that I have had to match its' accuracy and they are all more expensive and do not have the ability to stop the charge unless used in conjunction with the TP-1010C charger.