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02-09-2008, 07:07 PM
I offer both Aerofly versions, both are Brand New in Factory Package:

Ikarus AeroFly Professional Deluxe with Game Commander and Free Add-On #1

$179.99 shipped within continental US

Starflight Add-on #2 available for just an extra $29.99, add-on #3 for $34.99, and add-on #4 for $29.99!

Ikarus AeroFly Professional Deluxe Simulator Interface Version and Free Add-On #1

$139.99 shipped within continental US

Please specify, which adapter type you would like:

Type 1) - Square Micro Plug and 3.5mm Mono Connector for the following transmitters:

JR and DX6/DX7 Spektrum radios

Newer Futaba radios with square micro plug

Graupner radios with a 3.5mm mono connector such as MX-12, MX-16, MX-22

Type 2) - Round 5 Pin DSC Socket for the following transmitters:

Airtronics: RD8000, RD6000, Radiant, Vanguard, and all other Txs w/round 5 pin DSC socket

Futaba: all older Txs w/round 5 pin DSC socket

Hitec: Focus 4, Eclipse 7, Flash 5, and all Txs w/round 5 pin DSC socket

Multiplex: Royal Evo 7, 9,12; Profi MC 3000/4000, Cockpit MM, 2020, 3030, 4040

Again, you will only get one of the two above mentioned types of transmitter adapters.

With the Aerofly simulator you can download FREE models, sceneries, tools, patches, etc. at www.aerofly.com (http://www.aerofly.com/)

Only the Aerofly Simulator lets 2 pilots fly on one computer at the same time (extra slave interface cable and Y-adapter required - please ask).

Main Features:

Over 20 unique airfields to fly at!
Over 68 extremly detailed models including 3D aerobats, TOC torque planes, gliders, biplanes, slope soarer, slow- and parkflyer, gas and electric helicopters, jets, VTOL Harrier, and much much more...
Stunnningly realistic 360 Degree photo-sceneries (you feel like being right at the flying field)
Real environment reflection mapping for stunningly realistic model presentations (Scenery is reflected from the model surface)
Incredible flight performance of our new Physics and Flight code!
Superbly detailed 3D Indoor scenery for use with Shock- and Slowflyers
Fog and Smoke simulation (fully customizable)
New lighting effects like sunlight reflections
Glider sound
Superb ground handling
Break-apart aircraft! Wings, wheel and other parts can break apart during crashes or hard maneuvers
Superior wind modeling. The terrain shape is taken into account when computing wind, turbulence and thermals
Easy Plug & Play installation. No calibration or drivers are required, simply plug in your USB Interface/Game Commander
Split-screen capability with a glider-tow (Fly with a friend on one computer)
Yet the most realistic physics for 3D-flying
Cockpit mode with real instruments
Use your favorite music to practice freestyle flying like the Pro’s
Yet, the best collision detection ever seen in a simulation.

Minimum system requirements:
• 100 % Pentium III or AMD Athlon/64 compatible processor with at least 800 Mhz
• 128 MB RAM
• 1 GB free hard disc memory
• CD-ROM drive
• Open GL compatible graphic card with at least 64MB
• 100 % DirectX compatible sound card
• Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP with DirectX version 9.0b or higher
• A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter
Further requirements of supported transmitters and notes about using the right 3D-graphics card you get here: www.aerofly.com (http://www.aerofly.com/)