View Full Version : Stupid heli mistake

02-12-2008, 02:56 PM
I have had my heli max axe cp for about a week now. I stopped using the sim and finally went for it in the real world in the last 2 days. I was pretty happy with the results. By yesterday morning, I was flying circles around and hovering almost completely motionless at a local football field. Now here is the stupid part. For those of you not familiar with the heli, it's tail rotor slides onto a shaft at the end of the tail boom, and two pegs on said rotor slide onto holes on the tail rotor gear. It fits pretty snugly, then is secured with a bit of silicone tubing. I had lost my piece of silicone on the landing of my last flight ( I have not perfected EVERYTHING yet) and I, being a pure genius, decided to fly without it. I wasn't at the soft astroturf of the football field, I was at the hard packed dirt of my driveway! Any way, long story short, the tail rotor popped off about a minute into flight, and my helicopter went spinning out of control, and into the ground.:sad: