View Full Version : plastic foamie?

12-18-2005, 01:21 AM
i recently came accros i bunch of 1/4" corigated plastic, and thought it might make a good "foamie" (would i call it a plastie?). will this stuff be to heavy for a model? has anybody made one out of this stuff?, i think lanier made kits out of this stuff but i'm not sure. im looking for a auw of about 10 oz. any help would be great thanks

12-18-2005, 01:28 AM
That stuff is called Coroplast IIRC. I have seen some planes with the wings and feather made of that stuff. It seems heavy but I know I have seen this stuff flying.

12-18-2005, 02:17 AM
Yes, its called coroplast, planes made out of it are dubbed 'spads'. There's a website www.spad.org (http://www.spad.org) that has plans for an electric 3D one. What size did you find? 2mm or 4mm? If its any bigger then that, its going to be pretty heavy. The 2mm is excellent for wings (in fact all my glow aircraft, even the .50's have 2mm wings), and you use 4mm for ailerons and tail surfaces, but in honesty, foam is lighter. If you only have 2mm, you can sandwhich in some balsa ailerons, but the main weight comes from the spar (oftentimes a yardstick). The main advantage though is that its probably 4 times more resilient then foam. Its really great stuff. If you do build one, the first couple of times you nose it in you wont be disappointed.

In fact just 5 hours ago, I was flying one made of coro and gutterpipe (for fuse) and my elevator trim screwed up and the plane went straight down from 200 feet, and in the last 20, went into a flat spin while I was trying to come out of it. I walked up the the plane, absolutely no damage, except a broken motor mount. And you could hear it go in with a loud 'thwack!' from about 100 yards away! A balsa model would of been toast for sure.

Summary-foam is lighter, coro is more resilient