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02-27-2008, 01:25 AM
You know those times when you brag about how long it's been since you crashed a plane, and the immediately afterwards you think to yourself that perhaps I shouldn't temp fate like that... first flight of the morning I threw up the little P-51 with a slightly lighter flight pack, having set the G.G. properly the night before, she was flying better than ever before.
A few victory rolls and super low passes with the gearbox humming away like a minature V-12 Merlin, it was truly was a scale flyer's dream until I took it out wide to bring her in for landing.

Disaster, I kind of lost it in the sun glare, and totally lost orientation at about 50 meters of altitude. I knew it was going in and there was nothing I could do, so I cut the throttle and tried to pull back slightly on the elevator, hoping to minimise the damage, but she went in hard and fast and the walk of shame revealed that I'd broken the fuse in two places, in front and behind the wing, smashed the prop and gearbox to pieces.
With the tail section and wing pretty much un-harmed, I thought there was a good chance I may be able to get her back in the air eventually, so I scooped up all the pieces and took it back over to the shelter.

I pulled the RX out which was just hanging there and sat it up on top of one of the garbage bins for a closer look.

It was worse than I'd first thought... the fuse was actually pretty mangled around the nose section but probably still repairable, and if not, I'd definately be able to salvage the three HS-55 servos, a 25 Amp brushless speedy and a 4800kv in-runner for something else, after all the whole kit was only $115.00AU RX ready so although I felt bad about it, I thought it's not a big deal really. We then set up the bungee and fiddled around with the glider for a while.

The entrance gate to the field had been locked when we'd arrived again so we'd just jumped the fence and carried everything in as usual. We were happy to see the garbo's arrive also because they always leave the gate open so we can drive our cars in to load up, and they just ask us to lock it again before we go. So, they turned up as usual, but I'd forgotten that I'd left the smashed Mustang on top of the garbage bin, and we were now on the other side of the field so sadly it's final flight was a hand launch into the garbage compactor shortly before a crushing blow from the hydraulic compactor-swoosher thingy!! ...and with all of the other rubbish they'd picked up that day, I was unable to salvage it!!

The offered to let me climb inside and have a look, but I didn't really feel like crawling through the stinky rubbish pile anyway as I'd just finished a 12 hour nightshift. It wasn't a total loss because I'd taken the RX out just after the crash so at least I've still got that!!

Oh well, you live and learn... and it was difficult not to laugh about the whole situation!! In hindsight I really do have too many planes, and this is just a case of natural selection. Only the strongest will survive!! It's always nice to keep some spare servos, ESC's and other bits and pieces as you never quite know when you'll need them again!! Probably get those from the next crash... :blah::blah:

Fly Time
02-28-2008, 11:53 PM
Oh man, that is a sad story! From what I can make out from the pictures, she was a good looking Mustang. My sympathies...

02-29-2008, 12:47 AM
Yeah, she really was a beautiful flying and beautiful looking plane. The way the gearbox howled you could easily have mistaken it for the roar of a big V-12 Merlin. I sure will miss it, but in all honesty, I have way too many planes at the moment, and I'm now exploring the slope, no doubt I'll have even more slopers in the fleet soon. If I do lose a powered plane here or there I wont be all that worried... It kind of make sense to streamline a bit, I just would have prefered to sell it off, or even give it away so someone else can enjoy it, instead of smashing it up. :p:p

02-29-2008, 11:59 PM
Hey there ILMABC, too bad about the P-51 as i am sure you enjoyed that one.
Good flying to ya

03-01-2008, 12:16 AM
She was a little beauty, but I'm of the opinion that if you spend all the time worried that you're going to crash a plane you're definately in the wrong hobby!! Everyone has crashes, it doesnt matter how experienced you are it just happens. Just get on with it I say...

03-01-2008, 02:44 PM
Afirmative ILMABC

03-01-2008, 02:59 PM
Sorry to hear that man. I destroyed my PZ FW-190, so I know the disappointment that comes with that. Of course it was a couple of doves in the tall grass that were the culprits in my 190's destruction. It was the maiden flight and I had forgotten to put the extra prop nut on her which made her tail heavy. I was able to finally get control and bring her in for a belly landing, when a bunch of doves flew up and went right into the nose/prop. It snapped my prop in half and my plane went straight up at about 20 feet then straight down into the ground HARD! I'm really sorry I Love My ABC. Good luck friend.


03-01-2008, 05:05 PM
Ouch! Garbage Truck! Dang! Wow im sorry to hear that mate. At least you got to save the receiver.

03-02-2008, 04:40 PM
Must have been British doves eh Mike? :ws:

03-03-2008, 02:03 PM
Hey there Mike, sorry about your plane . She was a beauty.