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12-27-2005, 11:57 PM
On Electrifly forum (before it died!) there was a link to a program called "BataBase". It was a set up for logging usage and charging of battery packs. I had just started to use it when I had a PC crash and lost it.

Does anybody have the link to the website for it?

12-28-2005, 05:03 AM
I won't say it's the best, but I learned a long time ago, buy cheap, buy twice.
I have been using two Astroflight 109's for over a year now, with only one
mistake which was my fault. You can not "top off" a almost fully charged
LiPo. If using a two cell pack, & the voltage is below 8.3 volts, the AF109 will
properly charge the pack automatically. Likewise if you want to charge a 3
cell pack, the voltage must be below 12.4 volts for a correct charge. The
AF109 does a pack cell count test during the first 3 minutes of charge. It tells how many cells are in the pack during this first mode. At the end of 3
minutes, the charger beeps & goes to the second phase of the charge cycle
At this time, (3 minutes into the charge) you should check the display to be
sure the display shows the correct number of cells. If you were charging a 2
cell pack, during the first 3 minutes, the display whould show 2/1 meaning 2
cells in the first phase of the charge cycle. At 3 minutes, the charger should
show 2/2 showing 2 cells & the second phase of the charge cycle. If this was
a 3 cell pack, the first display would be 3/1 and then after 3 minutes would show 3/2. The charger will continue to charge until it is almost completely charged, then there will be 2 beeps & the charger will show 2/3 for the 2cell
pack or 3/3 for the 3 cell pack. Upon completion of charging, the charger will beep 3 times & shut itself off. A 2 cell pack will read 8.4 volts, & a 3 cell pack will read 12.6 volts. During the entire charge cycle, the current in ma, the voltage, the time of charge will be displayed. I run my chargers from
computer power supplys, however charging the 3200 20c Kokam packs at 3.2
amps is more than one supply can handle, so I have a separate supply for each charger. Our flying field has AC power available so I can recharge after
each flight. Always let your packs cool before re charging. I love my Astros
Ihave 2 112 also for Nicad & Nihi, but dont use round cells much anymore.
Ed S