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04-24-2008, 04:22 AM
first let me say that I realize that the Lanier SE5a thread does deal with this plane. I got this plane late Jan early feb when me and a friend of mine decided to get the set with the intent on eventually doing some cool scale dogfighting. It was going to be my secondary electric plane while my GP Fokker DR1 was my baby. And yes fellas they are both red! Sorry! I was going to make the DR1 black but laziness and the fact that my 7yr old son thinks the Red Barron is as cool as Jenga Fett (Star Wars), made it difficult to change.

first the build of the plane - I wont go into great details here but it was on par with other ARFs I have put together. I hated running the the servo wire thru the wing - the connector rolled and I had to cut out a peice of covering in order to get it on thru. Also it was missing some screws and one CA hinge and the wheels are very flimsy. Other than that, it went together quickly and true. I put in a BP hobbies A2217-9 swinging a wooden 10x6 prop 3cell LiPo with a 25amp speed control.

Flying -during the second week in March the weather up here in New Hampshire finally got to the point that the snow melted. It was cold and breazy but I had 2 planes to maiden. First the the DR1 - pilot error and a tree - sniff, sniff. Ok, I'll rebuild. Next... The DVII. I was nervous, I had just wrecked my baby and this one has a warning about control surface flutter at high speed in the manual. It take off and I'm just struggling to get around the field. I cant really get any altittude and its acting as if it is tail heavy even tough I took great care in balancing to the manuals specs. My buddy, who still to this day has not maidened his SE5a, says "hey why don't you give it some more power". Oh, yeah. Right. More Power... the planes suddenly became very stable and climbed instantly. In fact it climbed to much, I had to add quite a bit of down trim to maintain level flight especially into the wind.

Wait - I forgot to mention that even though I grew up around R/C planes, until last year it had been a long time since I had flown anything trickier than a slow stick.

Ok jump forward - I love this plane. It looks great in the air and is fun to fly, although I suspect that the CG might be ever so slighty off from what the manual says it should be. It still wants to nose up under higher speeds/winds. not so much during slower speeds. anyway my skills are improving daily and I am getting more confident with each flight.

TAX DAY - I had already done my taxes so on April 15th all I had to do was get home from work crab the kids and head to a local soccer field. It was a beautiful day with almost no wind.


I pull into the field parking lot, let the kids out and pop open the back of the van. I turn on my radio and pop a freshly charged LiPo. The field has a staggard fence personell entrance so I raise the plane up being careful not to scrape a wing against chain link destruction. My 3yr old is infront of me and my 7yr old is behind me. OK I WARNED YOU!!!! I some how brushed up against the throttle - starting the BP Hobbies 2217-9 with a wooden 10x6 prop. Turning it right thru my left wrist. I couldn't throw the plane down - my kids could be hurt. I was holding the transmitter in my right hand and couldn't reach the throttle. The prop is hacking me up for what seemed like forever. Finally was able to run the transmitter up my mid section and turn the throttle off.
My kids are horrified and I am looking at a cut into my wrist that goes to the bone. I am concerned that I might bleed to death so I try to call my wife for help. Dang Nextel - no service. I try 911 - nothing. I try my wife again - still nothing. I alternate calling my wife and 911 several times, still nothing. Then, my 7yr old says "Dad...I just looked at your arm...I think I'm scarred for life". This made me laugh. I then realized that I was not squrting or even gushing out blood. it was more of a steady flow. So I packed up the car and and drove the mile and half to my house. My wife drove us to the hopital after we stop and picked up my oldest daughter from girl scouts.
It was funny watching the ER staff go from "oh my god!!!" when they saw it - to trying not to laugh when I answered "how did you do this?" with "radio control airplane". It seems that I was extremely lucky that day, cause I just missed all the stuff in the wrist that can really ruin your life and/or limb. I got 3 stitches inside and six on the outside. I will have a heck of a scar as there was a lot of tissue missing and they just kinda pulled the remaining flesh together.

I flew again the next day. I just put the battery in on the field. She is fun to fly. :rolleyes:

Biplane Murphy
05-13-2008, 06:30 AM
Holy Smokes Jorno!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

Glad to hear you were flying again the next day.:tc:

05-13-2008, 12:51 PM
It still wants to nose up under higher speeds not so much during slower speeds.

Would putting some down trust on the motor help?

05-13-2008, 02:03 PM
HAHAHAHA, man that's awsome.

Would putting some down trust on the motor help?

I'm glad to hear you will live for another day. It's soo easy to forget what these little "toys" can do to us.