View Full Version : Sorry for Out of the Box Question abt Castle need advice

04-24-2008, 01:30 PM
Hi I got Castle micro stamp and its one of the wonderfull receiver I had ever seen, now my question is [all aplicable for my new DIY truck]
1> that can it be used on surface, since weight to strength ratio is extremly good?
2> I want to run my 2 mabuchi rs380 or johnson st550 motor on mamba maxx is it possible, if yes will my existing hextronics 20c 2200 mah 3cell lipo wok with it?
3> I have walkera3300KV brushless heli motor lying idle, can it be used on mamba maxx esc
4> next most stupid question what is the major difference between 2 channel radio and 3 channel can mamaba maxx be used on 2 channel radio sets with fwd/reverse/brakes on my brushed motors?
5>I want to experiment the setup with my futaba skysport 4channel unless I get sufficient funds for any 2/3 channel tx/rx is it possible?

I apologize if I had triggred wrong questions at wrong place, please advice.

Advice apprecieted.
Thanks and regards