View Full Version : Forsale R/C Mags for sale 12 for 10 bucks

04-26-2008, 10:18 AM
Okay I might as well clear a few million of these older mags out. I will list them as I get boxes to put 12 in at a time. Here are the first 12
Rotory Modeler sept/oct 2004 One mag
Rotorworld April/May 05 One Mag
Rotory modeler Sept/Oct 05 One Mag
Quiet flyer Sept 06... Oct, 07...Oct 05....Oct 04.....August 04 Five Mags
S&E Modeler Sept 01 One Mag
Fly R/C March and August 06 Two Mags
Flying Models March 07 One mag
Total cover price on these 12 is like 79.00
All your for 10 bucks plus shipping to your addy. Remember Media has a lower shipping than regular stuff. Thats a good thing.
Give me your zip code for shipping price.
Ps keep watching as I have mags back to 1936 YES of course they will be a little more.

05-05-2008, 03:13 AM
update lets make it 16 for 10 bucks plus shipping. Let me know if you want heli or plane mags. I will give you 4 more of your choice.